Google Blog Converters – Freedom of Choice

Google Blog Converters is a new project Open Source that offers the ability to move blog posts and comments from one service to another. In the first version it offers Python libraries and executable scripts that allow conversions between the export formats of Blogger LiveJournal MovableType and WordPress ]

In addition to this, the source code includes seedlings to host these conversions in the Google App Engine . It is foreseen in the future to add support for BlogML as well as synchronization tools among several services that do not have their own import / export tool but that do offer APIs to access and modify the content of the blog. [19659003] This tool, although not yet for beginners or for trivial use, is an important advance and towards freedom of choice because it eliminates format restrictions, giving us back control of our content, being able at any time to choose the publication platform without fear of losing our original material.
If you want to try it you already have the source code ready for download. . You have the installation process on this page .