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The truth is that these days it's nice to have a blog on WordPress.com. Well, it has always been a great option but it is that every day they add new features .

This morning I discovered one more, and there is now a new action icon in the users bar registered tagged with " Like ". You will see it when viewing an entry in a wordpress.com post and, if you click, it will be added to the list of entries you like being voted.

But that's not the end of it, and is that you can do " reblog " of the entry, which will open a quick editor ( quickpress ) where you can post something about that entry in any of the blogs you have registered. All very easy and interesting.

It would be a very good feature to include in BuddyPress I hope you add it soon because it is something that generates community.

What do you use to post on your blog? • WordPress Help

In WLTC they have created an interesting survey, and I thought that it could be of interest also for the Hispanic community. Sure we learn a lot from the comments of the "whys" of each one when choosing a method of publication in WordPress.

In my case the main method " The writing panel of WordPress "Because after going through multiple desktop editors I found that the best thing is the WordPress panel itself, even when it is offline – using Gears – you can prepare your posts for later publication, and you have everything at hand. Additionally, the miniposts I publish from QuickPress and when I get the inspiration without my Mac to public hand from the iPhone, which is now quite drinkable, being able to copy and paste, insert URLs easily and adding images so simple.

In the survey you can choose several options (even all) to make the result more real …

QuickPress Widget • WordPress Help

Do you like the new functionality of WordPress 2.7 called QuickPress ?, then surely you will love this plugin that adds a widget in the sidebar of your blog to that you publish quickly in your blog as if it were Twitter .

Oh, and you do not need to have installed WordPress 2.7 to use QuickPress Widget .

] PS: The popularity of QuickPress has also reached the themes. Here you have the demo of the Theme QuickPress and here you can download it .

WordPress 2.7 Final already available

Well, after a long wait we finally have available for download the final version of WordPress 2.7 which I hope with so many revisions several surveys and tests are the most stable until now known, and more after the renovation that has suffered both its operation and the appearance of the administration panel.

As always, you can download it from the official link ] when it is available, because I just discovered it by chance when updating one of the blogs from the Beta versions (in fact right now it is not announced on the official website or on the development blog), and here I leave you a few posts of reference to facilitate the installation and the transition:

And, of course, if you are not yet decided, you can continue entangling in the WordPress 2.7 demo

WordPress 2.7 Beta 2

Just released Beta 2 from WordPress 2.7 that solves a lot of bugs and also makes some minor adjustments like colors on the desktop, avatars in the administration panel and some other aesthetic novelty. Also in QuickPress you now have the image loading buttons. You can download it or update from the "Tools -> Update" menu if you already had Beta 1 installed. In the demo we have already updated automatically and it has taken less than 1 minute.

The News of WordPress 2.7

There are many new features of WordPress 2.7 which some have even said that it looks like WordPress 3.0 . If you do not know yet what changes here you have the complete list:

Design / Navigation

  • Color scheme
  • New design and organization
  • Menu shortcuts to add a new post
  • Main navigation on left side
  • Expand / collapse to see navigation
  • Minimize menu bar button with pop-ups


  • QuickPress
  • Redesign of module "Right now", with colors for distinguish the new
  • Draft module
  • Modules that can be dragged and dropped
  • Options to hide or show modules on the screen
  • Moderation of comments from the desktop


  • Comments nested on the blog
  • Pagination in the blog
  • Keyboard shortcuts to moderate comments
  • Reply to comments from the admin panel
  • Modified panel design
  • Filter comments from pings / trackbacks
  • Links to view all comments for a specific post


  • Drag and drop modules in the new post window
  • Options to hide or show modules on the screen again post
  • Posts Sticky
  • Comments are displayed in the specific posts window
  • Word counter in the background of the editor
  • New design of the publication module
  • New layout of the screen edit
  • Mass editing
  • Quick edit
  • Options to hide or show columns on the screen
  • New design of the tag window
  • New design of the category window

Media [19659003] Upload media to the library without creating a new post
  • New design of the media library
  • Different sizes for large and full images
  • Media options in the Options section
  • Plugins [196] 59003] Plug-in browser included
  • Plug-in installation with a single click
  • Plug-in uninstaller
  • Core

    • WordPress update kernel update
    • HTTP API
    • Thematic update API, as for plugins
    • XMLRPC comment API
    • Page menu API
    • PHPXref hosted on WordPress.org
    • HTTPOnly cookies
    • Updates and installation on SFTP
    • Integrated PHPdoc documentation

    It seems that if it is an important update, do not you think?

    The entry The News of WordPress 2.7 was first published in WordPress Help .

    WordPress 2.7 – The Debate Arrives • WordPress Help

    One of the novelties of the last preliminary version loaded in the WordPress Demo 2.7 points to the intense debate that WordPress proposes for the next version.

    One of the latest updates included options on the page of Options -> Discussion to better manage the comments on our blog. These developments are:

    It seems that this is going fast, although it seems that they are still doing experiments with the organization of the administration panel, which changes almost every day, hence surely yesterday's survey .


    WordPress 2.7 QuickPress and more news • WordPress Help

    Again there is surprise in the updates of the previous versions of WordPress 2.7 that we are testing in the Demo.

    ] Tonight I discover a wonder called QuickPress that from the desktop of the administration panel allows you to directly publish a new post from the WordPress desktop. The system is very basic because it only lets you title, write the post without the help of buttons or quicktags of anything, and add labels. The post will be published in the default category. However can be very useful for quick posts or quotes to references you read on your desktop.

    We also find the ] options dropdown in the editor which allows you to define, at a distance of a single click, which editing help widgets you want to display in the editor interface. I thought it was a great idea and I'll put it into practice right now.

    Finally, at least from what I discovered, I've been testing the new function of answer from the comments management panel and I have to say that sometimes, and especially to offer quick answers without waiting for load times of your blog, it is a great functionality.

    I've read that it's as if WordPress went out of the web but the level of comments a blog writer makes is not comparable to that of your readers, and any help you can give to answer your visitors faster is great .

    If you dare you already know that you can register in the Demo of WordPress 2.7 ] that we have enabled and always updated.

    NOTICE : this pub lication is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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