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There are millions of sites that have installed and running the mega plugin JetPack which offers in a single installation many of the features that almost every user wants in a WordPress. But such ease sometimes generates problems .

And that is that, as I have said many times, JetPack offers a bit of everything, but not the best of each house . It includes many utilities, but mostly much less configurable than any other specialized plugin . However, some adjustments can be made.

One of them is related to the utility Share of JetPack which offers us the typical buttons for visitors to share your publications on their favorite social networks. In particular I refer to the icon for share by email .

Yes, that is fine, but so simple that some soulless can use a bot to send spam with links to your website with what it might seem that you are generating garbage, or at least the image of your website would go badly wrong .

 email jetpack form without captcha

And since we already saw that you can add services in which to share from JetPack add an icon to share on Whatsapp, or even like remove the counter from times that a post has been shared, we can also add a Captcha system specifically Google reCaptcha to the form that is displayed when someone shares your post by email from the button correspondent.

Besides that is bast Before easy to do, the steps are as follows:

1. Register your site on Google's reCaptcha and get the public and secret key

Go to this page and click on the button Get reCaptcha .

 create recaptcha

The following screen asks you for a series of data, of which the truly important and unique is that of the domain – or domains – to which you want to associate the reCaptcha

 record recaptcha 1

Decide to which domain to associate the Captcha and place an email of your own and click on the button Record .

In the next and last screen it shows you, first of all, a pair of keys, the Site key and the Private key .

 record recaptcha 2

Write them down, you'll need them right now.

2. Add the reCaptcha keys to wp-config.php

Open to edit the WordPress configuration file wp-config.php and add the following two lines:

Of course, there are a couple of things that you should replace with the keys you just got in reCaptcha . You save the changes and you already have it.

The next time someone shares an email from your site you will have to prove that they are human and not a malignant machine .

 form email jetpack with captcha

If you want, since you have created the reCaptcha, on the same page where you got the keys you have the procedure to manually add this system to any other part of your site if you wish.

Unfortunately, you can not add this functionality to the sites, only in your hosted, free and complete WordPress .

NOTICE : this publication is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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