Telegram in WordPress – How to integrate your channels in your web

It is beyond doubt that Telegram is one of the leading mobile social applications at the moment and why not ? maybe it's a good idea to integrate your Telegram social channel in WordPress .

For that we have a few plugins that will help us in the task we'll see the most interesting ones.

] With this plugin it is extremely easy to integrate WordPress with Telegram being able to receive notices about your web, such as comments, user registration, updates, etc., on your Telegram channel, or even share your posts and products in Telegram.

A simple way, WordPress-style, of to share your entries in Telegram either in a channel, a private chat, a supergroup or wherever.

It is compatible with ] custom post types and WooCommerce products.

Do you want to integrate a Telegram chat into your WordPress site? This is your plugin.

After installing it set up your chat, styles, name, etc., add @chatbrobot to your channel and start using it to chat with your users.

The bots are Special Telegram accounts designed to manage messages automatically. These bots can be used to send messages to channels you assign them to.

With this plugin you can integrate a Telegram bot and a channel with your WordPress site and send messages to the channels of your choice

The integration is complete and supports all the features of WordPress as featured images, custom content types, HTML content, everything.

There are many more plugins, but this selection offers you the fundamental thing to integrate Telegram in WordPress in an easy way and, in this way, to take advantage of all your channels to generate traffic and interaction with and for your content, which in the end is what it is about.

If you know of any more that is interesting, you'll tell us, okay?

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Increase the visibility of the authors of your website with Yoast SEO

Do you have different authors in your blog? Do you want to give him more credit? Do you want to give more visibility to those who write on your website? Maybe with this you can do it. And is that the SEO plugins that serve to improve meta descriptions and titles also come with a plus: the possibility of improving the author profile .

Yoast SEO stuff

For example, with Yoast's SEO plugin (the standard, which you can download from the official repository) you can include the URL of the Facebook profile of the author who writes for you.

To do this you just have to fill in the section " URL of the Facebook profile " that appears in the editing section of each of your users. In the example you see where (I already tell you that it is with the Yoast plugin)

The Magic of Open Graph

This what makes is that appears in the source code a meta tag related to Open Graph which are the metadata that Facebook uses to know authorship, publication data, dates, and much more. This metadata will be as complete as complete we put them in our author file in its corresponding section.

Obviously, these data do not appear visually in your subject unless this allows it. It is something that the developer or the corresponding plugin must do conveniently.

In the webpage of the example that we are seeing, the author's data appears in the entry. But I'm telling you, this is not automatic, it's something that comes in the template that shows your website.

And what's the use of filling in the author's data? ] Well for, among many other things, give credit to the writer of the article on your website .

Imagine that you have many authors (it may not make much sense in the case of a single author, but it is that, maybe). So when someone shares the article on Facebook will appear a link pointing to your user file, personal or professional page .

In the case at hand, the article is from the website pharmacy. bio and is titled Why are there labels that put on gluten-free and yet have gluten? And it's written, as we've seen before, by Lucia Partera, the dietitian who works at the proprietary pharmacy this website.

Well, Lucía Partera has her own page on Facebook and the corresponding profile is filled in the section of the author of the online store. When this article is shared on Facebook if you look at the bottom, it appears FARMACIA.BIO | DE DIETAS Y MÁS, which is Lucia's page, the one that appears on her profile.

What's more, this section is actionable, that is, you can interact with it and allows you get to the Facebook page of the author of the post .

Not bad as a way to give visibility to people who write on your website right? But we have more doubts …

Does this happen in other social networks? Will it also work on Pinterest, Twitter and similar? We will continue to inform (and investigate). And if you've seen something funny like this, do not hesitate to comment.

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