Add text to the WordPress registration screen

The Register plus plugin has long been missing from the map, a small wonder that allowed to add a series of extra features to the WordPress user registry .

Now, many of those utilities are already available in other plugins and the trick I bring you today is to sew and sing.

Well if you want to add some text to the WordPress registration screen it's in very simple reality, you just have to add a code to your function plugin or file functions.php of the active theme after customizing it to your liking.

The line to customize is the number 7, which in the example includes some HTML, as you can do also, to your liking. What you get is something similar to the WordPress Help registration screen this …

Protect WordPress with password without user registration • WordPress Help

I mean put an access password to your WordPress so that only those with the key, unique to all, can access it, thus making your website private.

You can do it very easy, because you just have to install the plugin Password protected and, once active, define a password to make it easy for anyone you want to access and see your website. The rest of the users will be redirected directly to the access screen where they are asked for that password, not being able to see anything else.

As additional bonuses you can also enable the password to be able to view the RSS feeds or mark the site as hidden from the search engines.

Simple and effective, ideal for private sites, for the family, websites in production and things like that. The only danger, as always in these things, that point the password in a post it and bother you the invention of privacy.

style, options and anti-spam • WordPress Help

I have been bothering Fernando for quite some time in search of a simple and easy captcha . As for moderating comments I solved it with Askimet and plugins; but the spam in wp-login.php and people who register from Russia (?) has tired me!

This time, I found a very complete and easy plugin to customize the registry , login and user profile in our WordPress .

This is Register Plus a very complete plugin that besides the much needed anti-spam in the wp-login, brings many options to customize it …

Register Plus allows you to configure from records where the user chooses their password and can complete their profile; captcha, customize the e-mail and send a confirmation URL (registration is completed, X is eliminated), it also includes adding more custom fields (age, dates, city, etc.) and being able to edit the CSS of the registration template.

As if that were not enough, not only is it limited to that, it also offers to insert a disclaimer (regulation, privacy policies, etc.) and have the user accept them to continue; choose which section will be redirected after registering and login (to the index, or perhaps to a page with benefits or exclusive content); let us customize the logo create referral codes (type "invitations") and it's totally free !!

It's very simple and easy, although it's in English I translated some parts with Google, and I set it up . In 10 minutes you can already have it running: download it, upload it via FTP, activate the plugin; in the WordPress panel, you access 'Settings' (options) and from there you modify everything.

You can see the functions and images (in English) and download from the repository from WordPress .

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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