How to clean the garbage that WordPress accumulates • WordPress Help

WordPress, like any software, accumulates information that many times not only is not useful but it takes up space in your server and, more importantly, in the scarce and precious space of your base of data

We have already seen a lot of tricks to eliminate these " remains " and I mean things like this:

Well, if you're one of those who like to keep a point your software is lucky because you can have WordPress clean and tidy in a very simple way. You only have to install the plugin WP Clean up and activate it from time to time to do a general cleaning it is not necessary to have it always active.

When you want to give a general review to the accumulated crap simply activate it and go through its settings page to see what has been accumulating and, with one click, leave everything as clean as the paten .

The plugin allows you to eliminate everything we have listed above, in addition to optimize the database which is never too much

When you have finished cleaning take a beer to celebrate and disable the plugin until the next cleaning. It's that simple.

WordPress 3.6 beta 1 now available

If you are one of those who, or like to try new things soon, or want to collaborate with the WordPress community and do tests to see what works and what does not yet, you can already download the first beta of WordPress 3.6 ]

Announced a while ago is now available if you want to try on the test site that I created a long time ago, and if not you can download and install it on your server, which is the most recommended.

What's new in WordPress 3.6? as a quick reminder of the most striking of the WordPress news 3.6 :

So come, try it! .

Start the development of WordPress 3.6 entry reviews • WordPress Help

Once decided that in WordPress 3.6 there will be a new system of revisions of entry, with storage (it seems that optional) in hard disk, the task of creating the interface of the new system has already been launched.

Nice is not (yet) but it seems that everything is going to be very minimalist, very flat and if not take a look at the new icons in the beta testing site for check it

The interface proposes a slider, in the style of the paging system that I use here in WordPress Help, from which to navigate through the different versions of an entry, and what is almost more important, with some identification system of colors to facilitate the visualization, something that the system of revisions sins right now.

Much remains for WordPress 3.6 but it's a breakthrough.

Notice of pending or draft entries in WordPress • WordPress Help

 hommer automates approval

WordPress has many virtues, but one of them is not that – by default – come prepared for one collaborative environment because it does not have a user management system and publications like the one that requires an environment, for example, where a editorial flow is required .

A few days ago we saw how notify users when their articles have been published but and notify the editor when there are articles pending approval? sure you are with me in that it is a functionality that you miss in any web with several users and different profiles, where a supervision of the entries is required before being published .

Well, let's incorporate it, which is very easy …

… Notices of pending entries through code …

There was an old plugin, now abandoned, that offered notifications to the administrator's email when a draft of an entry was created. The problem is that it warned each time the entry was modified, becoming a nuisance instead of a solution.

A review of the code itself solves the problem …

To do this open your function plugin and add the following code:

works from coke.

 approved rejected

… Notices of pending entries (and more) with plugins …

If you are more of plugins we have multiple and varied options, some of which we have already seen for other uses:

  • Edit Flow : again, this fantastic plugin editorial control also includes notices of pending tickets, review and much more.
  • Revisionary : this plugin makes part of Edit flow of the announcements, with a complete ticket review system, to perfectly manage the editorial flow. [19659168] Status notifier : complete plugin that allows you to notify the administrator, in fact the email that you decide, when there is an entry pending review. You can also (optional) notify the author when your publication is approved, or if it is rejected.

How do you see, for possibilities that do not remain.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

Loading …

That may also help you:

Movable Type 5 throws in the towel and copies to WordPress

Okay, I know it's an evil, but it's that the recent release of Movable Type 5 brings us a real clone of the WordPress desktop, but not only that.

It seems to me or Six Apart has thrown in the towel and follows Microsoft's dynamics of " if you can not improve what the competition does copy it ".

Optimize WordPress • WordPress Help

WordPress, since version 2.6, incorporated the article reviews an interesting utility for collaborative blogs (or forgetful users) but useless for most people who use WordPress. In addition, they are straw in our database, filling it with unnecessary information that only occupies a precious space and can eventually slow down the loading of our site.

We have already given a couple of solutions to keep the reviews of posts at bay, both with plugin as without but there is a plugin that, in addition to this feature, includes other really interesting features for optimize WordPress .

WP Optimize is a real toolbox to keep WordPress in good health, what it offers is the following:

As you can see, it offers interesting features.