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<p> Yes, really, this is a theme with <code> header </code> and <code> footer </code> taken to its fullest expression, <strong> with feet and head, literally </strong> This wonder that has warned me <a href= Juanma is a really interesting and novel, it goes out of the ordinary, and if not look at the screenshot above.

The hottest in this theme Revolt ) is how easy it is to customize it so that your face comes out in. You just have to modify the file edit_head.jpg add your face and change the name to head.jpg overwriting the existing one in the folder ' images ' of the theme.
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<p> The use of thumbnails (thumbnails) of the theme is also very simple, since it is a magazine-style theme, it shows thumbnails of images on the cover. If you do not want to complicate you do not have to do anything, the theme will take the first image of your posts and will put them in miniature on the cover, and if you did not have images your posts will use the file '<code> thumbnail_default.jpg </code>' from the folder of images of the theme, image that you can also change for the one you like. </p>
<p> Do you want to add different miniatures ?, then it gets a little complicated -only a little- because you have to do the following: </p>
<li> Locate the folder <code> revolt-basic / thumbs / </code> via FTP and upload the thumbnails you want to use, in size 280 × 210px </li>
<li> In the widget <strong> Custom fields </strong> from the WordPress editor add a new field called '<code> thumbnail </code>' </li>
<li> In the field of <strong> Value </strong> enter the name of the file you will use, you do not need the full path, just the file name </li>
<p> As you can see, you can do it easy or difficult, you choose. In any case what you get is a theme that goes out of the ordinary, a full-fledged virginia. </p>
<p> The links you're waiting for are these: </p>
<li><span class= Revolt Theme direct download

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  • What I have not had time (or desire, to deny it) is to translate it, and that is that it uses many images to show content, and Photoshop is not my thing, I'm sorry. If someone is encouraged to advise and publish it with all the honors.

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