Satorii, a minimalist theme for WordPress

Satorii is a theme for WordPress 2.7 or higher, minimalist style, simple and elegant, with a strong focus on content and ease of reading, with a column of content and three columns in the footer .

Constructed on Sandbox Yahoo! User Interface and jQuery which facilitates the possibility of customizing it or adding new features, in addition to adding some interesting ones, such as zebra tables and displaying images with FancyBox automatically, plus the ability to easily add responses to comments.

Also, it brings everything a complete WordPress theme should have: support for tags, galleries and image legends, Gravatar support for localization (you can create your own translations), a special template for images, and of course, support for widgets.

WordPress 2.8 – Wish List

Well, since we already have here WordPress 2.7 it's time to start preparing the wish list for WordPress 2.8 . And for that, the Automattic guys – as it is becoming customary – propose a survey in which we can participate in the development of the next version, scoring our priorities and wishes for WordPress 2.8 .

Among the options that are being considered, we have the following (in parenthesis, some of my opinions):