How to get more income with an affiliate program in WordPress

Whether you were in the previous WordCamp Santander 2016 and want to review what we saw, as if you could not go and want to learn how to get more income by implementing an affiliate program in WordPress this is for you.

Here is the video of my presentation "Do you want to earn more money with your eCommerce? Share your winnings! "

And also the slides of the presentation, in case you prefer to go deeper into it.

In both cases, in addition to the principles of any affiliate marketing program, I explain how to use the wonderful plugin AffiliateWP the best to implement an affiliate system easily in WordPress .

If you have any questions I will try to clarify it in the comments.

How to create an affiliate marketing program in WordPress

There is no better way to increase profits in an eCommerce than to create an affiliate program and in WordPress it's really simple.

The following presentation is my presentation in WordCamp Santander 2016, in which I explained tips on how to create an affiliate marketing program how to make it grow, and what tools to use to make it successful.