Rich snippets of video in WordPress

I know you know what are the rich snippets of content those rich snippets offered by Google when follows a schema determined that distinguishes one type of content from another.

I am referring, for example, to user reviews of products in online stores .

But surely you have also noticed that there are rich snippets of video in the results of the search engine, which distinguish the video content from others, attracting more attention … and clicks, thereby improving SEO aspects of your website when you use them

But …

How are the rich snippets video created?

There are some some basic solution in the form of plugins free but limited . Undoubtedly the best option is the premium plugin Video SEO of the Yoast team .

You already know Yoast's SEO plugin, but it has more plugins, and this is a gem to improve the site of a site that publishes videos, hosted or embedded, is irrelevant.

Among its functionalities you have the following:

  • Automatically creates a map of the videos XML site
  • Complete compatibility with the marking of
  • You can change the video thumbnail that will be shown in the rich snippet
  • Tags opengraph
  • Re-indexed videos
  • Configuration by content types and / or taxonomies
  • Customizable videos ( responsive )

SEO Video Settings

To begin with, once you install and activate the plugin, you must configure it.

General settings

In addition to or blame the XML map of videos to normal users so that they are only shown to search engines, you can indicate which custom fields you use if applicable, to upload videos, if your theme requires it, and even add extra information in the videos using Embedly .

Insert settings

You can force the videos play automatically on your favorite social networks make them responsive thanks to the service FitVids.js define the width of the content if you want a different one to the default of the theme, or configure your domains Vzaar and Wistia if you use these services.

Content type adjustments / taxonomies

This step is vital to determine what types of con had ( post types ) are those that will be indexed as containing – or may contain – videos, and of course, also taxonomies.


If you have configured for the first time, or have made any changes, in the settings of content types and / or taxonomies it is important to force the re-indexing of the videos .

How to create the rich video snippets

Once you have configured the plugin to your liking where the magic is done it is in your publications .

To do this, if you already you have installed Yoast's SEO plugin you will see a new icon where Yoast's extra plugins are hosted, and there you'll find SEO video settings for your content .

If not yet no video will detect it.

Simply add a video to your content and save as draft of the moment …

Now it will give you the options to create your rich snippet video :

[19659005] Of the available options I ALWAYS recommend to define a personalized image for your video, indicate the duration of the video, give it a rating of 5 (for what less truth?) And, unless it is clearly offensive, mark the video as suitable for all audiences.

When you post your content it will appear on the video site map with its preview and perfectly labeled . Of course, the results of the search engine will appear with the parameters you have defined.

And yes, rich snippets video improve your results in the SERP


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