WordPress and Mac

I know that this post will be a bit biased but it is that users of Mac are also entitled to have options to post offline from their computers.


For Windows there are many options but in Mac they are not either. Then you have the ones that I find most interesting and that you can not miss, with the download links of each of them.


There are many applications that you can install in a Mac to publish on your blog but these are, by far, the best. I order them in order of (my) preference:

  1. ecto (it's the most, has all the necessary options and much more, the only downside is that it's in English)
  2. Journler (defined as multimedia diary, also behaves very efficiently to post in blogs)
  3. Qumana (a clone, something lighter, ecto but in Spanish)
  4. Blogthing (very light application with the essential to post without complications)
  5. Marsedit (a classic that, for my pleasure, has lost many points)

Plugins Firefox

There are times that the inspiration for a post comes to you browsing the net . If Firefox is your browser you will not have to leave it to post, or even stop viewing the page that has prompted you to write. With these additions you can do wonders.

  1. Deepest Sender (is the one I use the most by far, its ability to open in the sidebar seems to me the best possible option)
  2. ScribeFire (has more options Deepest Sender and better interface but it convinces me less the distribution of its interface, it's a matter of taste … That's right, just because the translation is from Enrique Brito is already worth it)
  3. Split Browser (this add-on does not include editor or similar but it allows you to split your Firefox screen to have on one side the WordPress or Blogger editor and on another to browse normally)
  4. Independent of the browser, but also usable in Firefox, you have the online editor Write2MyBlog with many options and that does not require any installation. Combined with Split Browser can offer you the same as ScribeFire or Deepest Sender.

Widgets for Dashboard

With the arrival of version 10.4 of the operating system Mac OS X, known as Tiger a functionality appeared that allows you to view small applications without leaving your desktop. They are called Widgets and, among other things, will allow you to post posts on your favorite blog.

  1. RapidMetaBlog (works great, has a nice interface and basic functions)
  2. ] WordPressDash (something more spartan but just as functional)


And, of course, you can not miss the Domina Blog Guide which I created for these effects, where I comment on some of these applications and something else.

Nothing more for today, one of these days I encourage myself and do something concrete about how to use them (maybe a ScreenCast ). I hope I have made life easier for " blogger-maquero ".

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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