WordPress source code for iPhone available • WordPress Help

When a couple of days ago we announced the availability of WordPress for iPhone in the Apple Apps Apple were delighted, but something was missing.

And that is that WordPress is a publishing system Open Source and it seemed like it was necessary to also make available the source code of that application, and thus be able to expand it, improve it, share it in WordPress Community .

Well, it seems that the day has arrived and the Automattic guys have not disappointed us because they have already shared the source code of the WordPress application for iPhone ] through its SVN server .

On the other side of the matter is Apple and it is not yet known if this fact will be taken well because it opens the possibility of use the code for publish in WordPres s from other devices and has as part of the iPhone SDK necessary to publish applications for iPhone 2.0, it is as if they had gotten a Trojan inside.