SecurePress, total security in WordPress

SecureLive is a website security system not exclusive to WordPress (there are versions for Joomla, PHP, Magento and more) but that also exists as free plugin that you can install from the plugin installer or the official SecurePress page .

What it offers SecurePress is a comprehensive detection and alert system hacking and exploits for WordPress that not only detects attacks but that blocks alerts you and even sends you reports by email or text messages. SecureLive says that detects 98.9% of the possible attacks, that's nothing, although you already know that in the security software we always go behind the attackers and nobody is going to guarantee 100% effectiveness.

If you want to try it you can download it at the official site or install it from your WordPress (it is in the official repository ).

The system is really complete, and even there is a video of the concept and functioning, this …