WordPress, eCommerce and WPO in # OMExpo18, the reference digital marketing event

The next 25th and 26th of April 2018 is celebrated in Ifema (Madrid) OMExpo18 the reference event of digital marketing and eCommerce and on this occasion there will be workshops and lectures on WordPress which was already playing.

Thanks to SEMrush the SEO analysis and strategy tool In its space SEMrushROOM there will be during the 2 days of the event papers of all types and levels on SEO, eCommerce and digital presence, and specifically, on the 26th, there will be a specific Workshop on WordPress .

WordPress Workshop: WPO and optimization of results in your eCommerce

From 16:10, in the space #SEMrushROOM Fernando Puente, an enterprise consultant and I will hold a workshop on how to optimize an eCommerce with WordPress to improve loading times and increase sales .

In a workshop of approximately 1 hour we will give way in a heads up to give the keys to server optimization, WordPress , WooCommerce, to improve the speed of your eCommerce .

We will also see the best practices to increase the sales per visit ratio and reduce vanishing points, drop cart and reduce the abandonment rate of your eCommerce .

After the workshop, you will be able to do networking and chat with the speakers at the final cocktail sponsored by SiteGround where between appetizers and something to refresh us, we will continue talking of WordPress, eCommerce, and what comes up.

Do you want to access for free?

The OMExpo18 event is not free, it costs from 30 to 120 euros, but I have free invitations for those who want to attend I will see l workshop, or any other event activity.

You just have to do click on this link or on the next image which will take you to the free registration page to the event OMExpo18, courtesy of SEMrush and a server.

 omexpo registration

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Register, print your free ticket and see you in the #SEMrushROOM space of OMExpo18 .

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