Check if your blog is online or not • WordPress Help

There are times when the host where our blog goes down or there are errors in the database or in the DNS of the domain . Errors that can be repaired, but only if we notice on time or if someone notifies us in time of it. For our luck there is ServerMojo a great service that will check every certain state of our server. We can ask ServerMojo to monitor our database, or our DNS, or our server or even a specific page of our blog.

The service is quite simple and will notify us by mail, Twitter or IM if it detects that something is not working as it should, and so we can solve it more quickly.

Of course, there are also more options: BasicState Ezine Monitor ] Montastic and many more. It is only a question that you find your ideal service and begin to know the times that your server falls and leaves without access to all your visits …