Happy day of the Systems Administrator

 System Administrator

The system administrator, that rare avis that takes care that your computer system, your server, is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year also has its heart, and today is celebrated its International Day established since the year 2000.

It was an idea of ​​how could it be otherwise, a system administrator who was inspired by a Hewlett-Packard ad in which an administrator's coworkers gave him flowers and a fruit basket for installing their new printers and a pillow to rest on. the free time.

It seemed a good idea and encouraged to celebrate the last Friday of July of each year that is, today, and until has official website .

] So have a detail with your administrator and give him something go, that the poor is there taking care that your website, your intranet, your application, your server, work every day … almost always without problems.

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