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Let's see, they warn me that there are still clueless who have not yet heard that in a few days WordCamp Europe is celebrated in Spain, specifically in Seville .

This does not happen all days, not even every year, and are you going to miss the opportunity that the best WordPress is there next?

The place : Barceló Gran Hotel Renacimiento de Sevilla.

The appointments that you should not miss, with international speakers of the highest order is this:

Seriously do you want to miss a live talk by Mark Jaquith or Thijs de Valk?

from 26 to 28 June in Seville #WCEU

There is already date and place for the event WordCamp Europe 2015 . The place: Sevilla. The date: from June 26 to 28. It's already taking you that weekend!

Keeping the original idea, WordCamp Europe is organized in a different European city every year. It started in the North in Leiden (2013), moved East to Sofia (2014) and in 2015 it comes to the south, to the beautiful Seville where it will be hosted by the great Spanish WordPress community.

The chosen place will be the Barceló Gran Hotel Renacimiento de Sevilla. The planned agenda is as follows:

Conferences : Friday, June 26 / Saturday, June 27
Community Day : Sunday, June 28

Upcoming announcements [19659008] In the next few days the call for speakers and sponsors will be announced. You can get tickets for WordCamp Europe 2015 at the beginning of February. If you wish to be a volunteer, the call will be published at the end of this month.


WordCamp Europe 2015 will be an incredible event for visitors and the local community. All lectures will be in English but Simultaneous translation in Spanish will be provided. And some of the contents of the page will also be translated thanks to our fabulous local organizing team Sevilla.

Stay tuned

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WordCamp Sevilla 2013

How, you still do not know that this weekend you have an unmissable date ?, well yes, and nothing less than in Seville where a new one is celebrated ] WordCamp where to learn and share knowledge.

In addition, this year comes with an impressive panel of speakers and some of those novelties that mark differences, such as Happiness bar ] where to make quickly those fixes that you do not dare for yourself.

I will not tell you that we see you there, because lately my agenda is hell but do not miss it, besides knowing the best of the community Spanish WordPress you can share unforgettable moments … and it's also in Seville, what else can you ask for?

WordPress in Spanish, the importance of the community • WordPress Help

This morning I will be at WordCamp Sevilla talking about the importance of the user community in the creation and continuity of open source projects and, specifically, how we manage the translation of WordPress in Spanish from Spain.

You can approach if you live nearby, that there is still site, and you can also follow it by live streaming video on this link .

WordCamp Sevilla 2011

Do you have something more interesting to do on October 8 and 9 than attend WordCamp Sevilla ?. Surely not, or at least think about it, because spending a weekend in Seville, learning and sharing with other WordPress enthusiasts is not a bad plan, I think.

But it's not just me, there you will find many WordPress cracks with Raven, Luis Rull, Zé Fontainhas, Amit Kvint, Jorge Bernal, Paco Olivares, Javier Casares, Rocío Valdivia or Francisco Javier Carazo Gil, among many others .