WooCommerce 3.2 comes loaded with news

With already a beta available, version 3.2 of WooCommerce will incorporate a good amount of new features some really interesting ones? we see?

Add or delete coupons directly in each order

This is a great novelty, not so much for the orders already created, that also, but especially for manual orders, in which until now there was no way to apply coupons discount to follow up, but you had to directly apply a different price.

And of course, you can add or remove existing order coupons .

You just have to create a new order and you'll see the new button to add coupons .

And the coupons applied to the calculations of use of coupons and everything will be taken into account.

Forget about calculating by hand discounts on pe of your customers when they forgot to apply a coupon or any other similar situation.

Improvements in the coupons' roundings

Until now when coupon discounts were applied and distributed among several products roundings of half a cent were made that could cause decompensations in the invoices .

Now I am not going to pass since the mode of calculation has been modified and will only be applied to cents not to half cents . This way, at the end of the account everything will fit.

Best selection boxes

The system has been modified for the boxes and search for selections, passing from the library select2 to the new and adapted one selectWoo .

With this change, in addition to performance improvements, the selections will be more accessible .

Check before to update of compatible version of WordPress

In the files readme of the WordPress plugins recently a new chain has been incorporated in which the developer indicates with what versions of WordPress it is compatible.

And now WooCommerce extension update checks " read " those strings for tell us whether it is safe to update the extension or not .

Improvements in the management of extensions

Also, in the management of the official extensions for WooCommerce, filters have been introduced to be able to see separately the installed ones, the active ones, the ones that are pending download or update . [19659005] Also, in multi-site installations, you can see which sites are active.

Changes in shortcodes

All product shortcodes have been unified into one shortcode products will have options to host the old shortcodes. This new shortcode replaces the shortcodes [product_category][featured_products][sale_products][best_selling_products][recent_products][product_attribute] and [top_rated_products] being able to show products by SKU, attribute, etc.

Available attributes

  • ] limit – Results limit. By default it is -1 .
  • columns – Number of columns. By default it is 4 .
  • orderby – Ordered products according to the parameter retrieved products by parameter. The available options are: menu_order title date rand price popularity rating or id . By default it is title . More options can be entered separately by entering empty spaces.
  • order – Designates attribute orderby . The available options are: ASC and DESC . Default is ASC .
  • ids – List of product IDs separated by commas.
  • skus – List of product SKUs separated by commas.
  • category – List of slugs of categories separated by commas.
  • cat_operator – Operator to compare categories. The available options are: AND IN and NOT IN . By default is IN .
  • attribute – Products retrieved based on attribute slug.
  • terms – Comma separated list of attribute terms to be used with ] attribute .
  • terms_operator – Operator to compare attribute terms. The available options are: AND IN and NOT IN . By default it is IN .
  • visibility – Muessontra products based on their visibility. The available options: visible (visible in the store and search results), catalog (visible only in the store), search (visible only in the results) of search) and hidden . By default it is visible .
  • class – Class to wrap the shortcode in HTML.
  • on_sale – To show discounted products. It should not be used in combination with best_selling or top_rated .
  • best_selling – To show the best selling products. It should not be used in combination with on_sale or top_rated .
  • top_rated – To show the most valued products. It should not be used in combination with on_sale or best_selling .


These would be some examples of use of the above, so you can get an idea.

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