How to activate featured entries in Twenty Eleven

The default WordPress theme, Twenty Eleven has built-in featured entries which will display them in a slider, but its use is not obvious.

If you want to take advantage of this functionality there is no adjustment to modify or option to activate, you just have to take into account the following to activate it:

Here's how to activate the slider, but this has a feature that you can change. And it is that by default it does not have automatic movement, but some points are shown in which you must click to change from a highlighted entry (sticky) to another.

<script type = "text / javascript" charset = "utf-8" >

// Automatic advancement of the Twenty Eleven slider

// Source:

jQuery () ) . ready ( function () { [19659002] var change_every = 10 ; // The seconds that the slider will take to make automatic advance

var current = 1 ;

function auto_advance [19659019] () {

if ( current == [19659007] – 1 ) return false ;

jQuery ] ( '. Feature-slider a' ) . eq ( current % jQuery ( '. feature-slider a' ) . length ) . trigger ( 'click' [] true ] ) ;

current ++ ];

} ;

setInterval [19659019] () function () {) auto_advance () } change_every [19659007] * 1000 ) ;

} ) ;


This code must be added, either in the "showcase" page template or if you prefer in the "showcase" widget ", But without title, it will work the same.

Note: this last trick does not work on, since the insertion of script code is limited

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