Alternatives to JetPack

 jetpack fail

As I know many do not like the concept of megaplugin of JetPack, let alone its connection with or the consumption of resources here are a series of plugins that can replace the JetPack modules, some with honors.

So let's take each module and offer, if any, alternatives to JetPack


Being an exclusive service, it alerts you of changes, followers, etc. in that service, there are no alternatives, and surely I need them.


In addition to being able to use Google Analytics statistics, much more complete than any plugin that you can install, there are several plugins that can be a good alternative to the statistics module JetPack statistics, such as WP Stats a veteran with not many options, 3dady stats with real-time statistics, or the very complete one, and my recommended one, WP Statistics


If what you want is alternatives for the automatic publication of your content on the main social networks, besides using IFTTT (the best no doubt), you can replace this JetPack module with plugins like Social Networks Auto-poster much more complete than the JetPack module when supporting a multitude of networks, or 1-click Retweet / Share / Like , that in addition to the automatic publication also offers icons to share. With other modules you can get lazy but in this there are much better alternatives than JetPack by far.


If you like social add-ons and comments JetPack comments nothing like install ] Disqus, LiveFyre or the same Intense Debate there is no discussion here either, you have much better and more complete plugins than the JetPack module. You can also install a plugin that integrates all the systems in one even the comments of Facebook and Google+, so do not do anything about it.


Do you remember the veteran Subscribe to comments ?, it is still available and working perfectly so that your visitors can subscribe to the comments, and if you prefer there is a more modern version . And for the subscription to the entries by email there is not one, there are hundreds of plugins tremendously complete as Subscribe2 or Knews and many others. Here, again, almost the worst option is to use JetPack.


For that nice effect in your image galleries, in addition to an adaptation called Carrousel without JetPack you have the wonderful and professional NextGen Gallery which far exceeds what JetPack does and more.

Post by email

 publish by email
Who wants to publish by email and can do so with a mobile application ?, few people, but hey, there are options to the JetPack module. In fact the same WordPress has that option in the writing settings, and if you think you can use little Post by Email which works the same as the JetPack module.

I like it

 I like it
This module only refers to users so there are no alternatives, no need to do so.

Related entries

 related entries
Legions are plugins that show related entries, with or without miniatures, from the wonderful Simple Tags to my beloved Zemanta Related Posts and all you've tried over the years, so do not even think about it, because most of them are much more configurable than the JetPack module.


The same thing happens with the module to share entries in social networks through icons, there are so many plugins a thousand times more complete than almost do not know what to recommend. If you like the style of the JetPack module you can use one that imitates and if not the original, ShareDaddy on which it is based.

Spelling and Grammar

 spelling and grammar
The spelling and grammar module is actually an adaptation of After the Deadline which you can replace with a plugin that offers the same utilities TinyMCE Spellcheck . ] Vaultpress

The cloud backup service also finds a lot of alternatives, which go through plugins like BackWPup with which you can make copies in a multitude of services " cloud " such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and others.

Gravatar Hovercards

This module shows some nice pop-up cards about the profiles of the visitors that comment , and you can substitute by the original plugin of the platform, this with this free adaptation of the JetPack module or implement it yourself manually .


 ] omnisearch
Maybe Omnisearch is my favorite module of JetPack and, fortunately, if you want to install it you can only do it because there is an exact adaptation that does not require the rest of JetPack. And wait a bit because soon it will be integrated into WordPress.

Contact Form

Among the many possible contact forms for your site I recommend the huge Cforms or the versatile Contact Form 7 both fantastic, much better than the JetPack module.

Google+ profile

 google plus profile
Why would you install a plugin if Google+ itself offers you codes? to do it ?, well that, that nothing of plugins, you create the code in the generator of Google badges and widgets and you stick it where you want it to appear. If you still prefer a plugin you have a huge pile of them .

Tile Galleries

The above mentioned with the carousel is worth to you, and if you you have a plugin alternative that does the same but without JetPack .

Short links ​​

 short links wpme
This, even being an exclusive service of you can have an alternative using JetPack Lite which offers it without needing the connection.

Visibility of Widget

 visibility widgets
This module, which allows to choose what type of input each widget will see is really useful, almost essential for the professional webmaster. Fortunately there are alternatives to the JetPack module, which has not invented anything, because we have wonderful plugins and much more complete as Widget display options Widgets Controller or Widget Logic . What do you like the simplicity of the JetPack module? Nothing, you have it alone and you can also create your own conditional widgets using the WordPress conditional tags .

Custom CSS

 custom css
If you want to modify the CSS of your site without directly modifying the theme files there are alternatives to the JetPack module like Custom CSS Manager ] Custom Code CSS & JavasScript Toolbox or Simple Custom CSS really powerful.

Theme for mobiles

 theme mobiles
Availability a version of our site adapted mobile devices is nowadays essential, and you can get it with honors with the great and complete WPtouch the best in its class.

Embedded shortcodes

If you want to use shortcode s to embed your multimedia elements there are other plugins, like Vipers Video Quicktags that do it wonderfully for years. In fact, any plugin to integrate video, images or documents carries its own shortcodes. I do not recommend getting used to them but if it is your choice, there are not many options. And if you do not have the ShortPack a piece of plugin that offers the same shortcodes as JetPack but without JetPack.


This substitute HTML system for the entries by means of simple marks you can use it without JetPack as it is nothing new and there were already a few plugins to use it as they can be WP Markdown WP markdown live MarkItUP! or Splitdown

Beautiful mathematics

Integrate LaTeX in WordPress does not require JetPack, you have a lot of plugins that get it: WordPress LaTeX WP LaTeX or Easy WP LaTeX .

 extra widgets
All your favorite social networks have a place to create widgets with chronologies and banners ( on Google+ on Twitter on Facebook ), and if not It's a lot, but a huge bunch, of plugins that offer the same thing. For the RSS widget there is already one by default in WordPress and to show images you can use the WordPress editor and paste the code in a text widget, nothing easier.

Infinite Scroll

 infinite scroll
new, you do not need to use JetPack to offer a cover of your site without end, you can activate the infinite scroll in WordPress in a simple way.


Hosting images in a CDN can speed up your website significantly, so using a service of this type, such as Photon, is more than interesting, and you have alternative services to the JetPack module that far outweigh its virtues, and that have their own plugin, such as Cloudinary , CloudFlare InCapsula Coral CDN and JsDelivr .

Single sign-on

 wordpress com single access
] How this module allows you to connect to your site with the s credentials there is no alternative, unless you want it for comments, then you can use any substitute to the JetPack comment system that we have seen before.


There is not one, this old service to monitor the status of the server is a common companion of all the webmaster of the planet and there are dozens of plugins for this utility among which the one from and that of Pingdom .


VideoPress is a video hosting service, paid for, on servers, and its alternatives are well known: Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, totally free, whose videos you can insert into any WordPress using or Embed .

Improved distribution

 services update
What is that you ask me at the hairdresser, on the bus and in the queue of the cinema ?, it is simply a system to warn the world world that you have published something through the Firehouse . That is, the same as the update services that you have on the WordPress write settings page. You have the default of Pingomatic but you can add hundreds of update services and save yourself JetPack.


 json api
This secure identification system in the cloud for services that they support the JSON API or oAuth2, for which there are also plugins, of course: JSON rest API and orAuth2 Provider respectively.

Conclusions? …

Well clearly you can have everything that JetPack offers and more without using this beautiful but heavy plugin . There are alternatives to practically everything it offers and much more, something that will be especially appreciated by those who only use it for a couple of things or three.

And you? Do you use any other alternative to the JetPack modules? what do you think is better?

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Simple Tags and WordPress 3.1 • WordPress Help

I mean that when you click on a link to a category, using the "friendly" permanent links ( /% postname% / ), you do not load the category file page but instead takes you to the cover of your site.

Well, this error, already reported in the trac has some possible solutions:

As you imagine, the most reasonable solution is the third, except you want to upgrade to Simple Tags 2.0 beta.

SEO in your WordPress entries

Today I am somewhat motivated with this search engine positioning after attending the second SEO Event so I will comment on some well-known truisms but that maybe not everyone knows about of how to do SEO in the posts, the positioning that you can do every time you publish something in your WordPress.

There are not many rules that are universal about the SEO but maybe these are the most accepted ( now will come some beast of SEO and I will throw them to the ground, but it is what there is ) and its use usually greatly improves the positioning of your site, with little effort

Take note of the basic rules of link building " on page ", that is, building link from your page:

Surely more can be done but this is fundamental. And if you think there are many things to consider, that the main thing is to write your entry, I agree. These are actions to be performed mostly after having written your entry. It's just a couple of minutes to let your input reach more people. After all, SEO is what it is for, so that what you write is known to more people.

Do not update Simple Tags 1.7.1 RC1.1

It's the only advice I can give you if you have not already done it, and that is that they tell me David and Fernando Bueno the latest version of Simple Tags the 1.7.1 RC1, is giving problems if your server does not use PHP version 5.1.2 since the plugin uses the function hash () .

If you have already updated it you can go back to version 1.6.6 by downloading it from this link and uploading it by ftp, then apply the patch of the versions .

Plugins that do not work in WordPress 2.9

Well, that's what it's about, to check which plugins work and which ones do not. At the moment I have only found one – of those that are updated regularly – that does not work with WordPress 2.9: Simple Tags . To the tests I refer after updating my personal blog to WordPress 2.9 …

Go pointing in the comments you find and we are updating the entry for general knowledge.

WordPress as CMS • WordPress Help

If you are still looking for a system with which to control what your WordPress users can or can not do, I have good news.

Adminimize is a megaplugin that allows you to control detail what each user profile can do, see, on the WordPress dashboard.

It's impressive, and it's also translated into Spanish, here I leave some screenshots of the administration screens in case you dare to use it on a specific project . Linked to Role Manager and Register Plus is a really powerful tool.

If you have tried WordPress Beta Testing you will already know some of its virtues.

We are already in WordPress 2.7 • WordPress Help

Quiet, the final version of WordPress 2.7 has not yet arrived but, encouraged by the stability of each of the preliminary versions that we have been testing, I just updated WordPress Help to version 2.7 of WordPress, at this moment the edition ßeta 3 build 9948 as you can imagine near the definitive version already.

The process, as usual, has been simple and fast ( less than 1 minute) and everything works perfectly … unless you detect something that is not fine and I have not noticed.

Plugins? because I only had to do the retouching a Simple Tags and the only one that has not worked in any way is Imaset . The perfect rest, not all take advantage of the drag and drop functions of the new editor, for example, but they work perfectly and without problems.

Come on, this is scary, absolutely recommendable.

Simple Tags in WordPress 2.7 • WordPress Help

One of the plugins (of the few) that do not work correctly in WordPress 2.7 is Simple Tags one of our recommended always, but everything has a solution

The companion of the forum Siulwon got in touch with the developer and offered this solution while they do not update the plugin:

With this small modification, the plugin in WordPress 2.7 or you can wait until they update it to the final version, which will not take long.

Plugins and WordPress 2.7 • WordPress Help

Thanks to School I learn that Siulwon is testing plugins in WordPress 2.7 to see which are compatible and which still give problems.

But it has also proven that there are some, like Simple Tags (one of our favorites), that seems to give problems. However sure it is available when the final version comes out, as they have been doing regularly.

How to Detect and Prevent Content Stealing and Hotlinking

It is increasingly common, unfortunately, the theft of content in the network. In many cases come from the Splogs ((False blogs, Blogs that steal content from others with the sole purpose of attracting visitors and get income through advertising)), and when they also perform Hotlinking ((Using the links from the original site, which are also consuming bandwidth from the owner of the content)) becomes a problem to be addressed.

In WordPress Help for a long time we have tried not to put restrictions on the theft of content but try to "educate" whoever we located. But after many unsuccessful communications, in which we received insults in response, we have begun to address this problem and, as is the custom of the house, we will share all the methods to detect and avoid the content theft and hotlinking .

1. How to detect content theft?

Include links to own posts

One of the easiest ways to avoid theft of content, or at least serve you for something and step by reference, is Link yourself in your articles. You can do it in several ways, either manually, linking text of your article to posts related to it or linking keywords to your blog tags using the utility included in the plugin Simple Tags which does it automatically without that you lose time in it.

That if, put the absolute links, of type non-relative of the type / mi-post / . You will get trackbacks from your own blog but it will help you to detect who steals your posts and receive visitors from Splog who are looking for original content.

Link your images

A simple method to detect the theft of content is to leave active the option that WordPress has by default that the images link to themselves. This way you will get trackbacks and you will know who is doing hotlinking or complete content theft. By the way, you also get external links to your site, even if it's to the images. Of course, you can also change this behavior and make it a habit that the images of your posts link to the URL of the post they are included in, much more efficient if possible.


Copyscape ] is an online service that allows you to search our blog content and locate where it appears. It is a specialized search engine that, in its free version, offers a banner to place on our blog to "scare" possible sploggers. They also have versions Premium and Copysentry to automate this type of searches and even manage the cases of plagiarism you find.

Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Check the inbound links daily to your blog on the WordPress Desktop . In this way you will find not only blogs that link to your articles, which of course you should visit and thank them for the detail, but also those who are making use of your content in some way.

2. How to avoid content theft?

We have already seen in another article that there are systems for to create posts of the feeds of a blog with tools that extract the content automatically. Well, many Splogs are created with these applications or plugins.

Although there are many detractors about it I included, because with this technique you somehow betray the objective of the feeds: reading in your feed reader or email the content of a blog to which you have decided to subscribe, can be a (radical) solution to avoid theft of content or, at least, you reverse visits. This is so because in the thief blog you will only see the excerpt of your posts and to see them full you will have to irremediably click the original link of your blog.

As we explained before, one of the biggest cancers these days are the automatic systems of content theft of RSS feeds. Fortunately there are also utilities for add content that, at least, shows in some way the original site of the content.

Cut your posts into several pages

In addition to generating more page impressions in your own blog, if you write a long article it is a good habit to insert the code so that to read it full you have to click on a link, which already leads to your blog and the original article. [19659020] If you use Feedburner to manage your RSS feed there is a very interesting feature that, apart from adding interactivity to your posts, can serve to show you when they steal your content from the feeds also some link that identifies the original site, the feedflares . They are links that you can add at the end of your feeds to socialize your posts, add copyright or a link to the original post. You have a sample in our RSS feed there are the links at the end of each post that show you the author of the article and a link to the original article.

Use external servers to host the images

It seems obvious but it goes without saying that if you host your images on external sites like Flickr or Imageshack you will not be affected by the hotlinking regarding the bandwidth consumption . Yes, you lose track of who is stealing content from you.


AntiLeech is a WordPress plugin that generates "special" content for splogs so that you offer links back to your own blog. To do this, you define a series of chains of IPs and / or agents so that when an IP or suspicious site visits your blog, obtain a false vision of it and can not steal your content. However, unblocked visitors will see your blog normally.


WP Ban is another WordPress plugin, from my dear Lester Chan which allows ban by IP, IP range or domain name to unwanted visitors. Simple to use and highly recommended.


How could it be otherwise, also the .htaccess file can help us avoid the theft of content in very efficient ways. Let's see how to do it.

1. Avoid Content Theft with .htaccess

We will edit the .htaccess file, or create it if it does not exist, and we will add the following lines …

  • IP Banking

    You must, of course, replace the sample IP ( with the IP of the splogger, or add as many as you need.

  • Banning by Domain

    Where you will replace 'splogger' with the domain name of the content thief.

2. Avoid Hotlinking with .htaccess

We can also prevent theft of images and bandwidth with the .htaccess file. We have two main options:

    • No image alternative: Adding these lines to our .htaccess prevents our images from being stolen and consumes us bandwidth.

      The first lines are saying which domains IF you allow to display your images. As you can see, the first, essential, is yours (whether you have www or not), and then you can add as many lines as you want to allow your images to show.

      The last line is where we indicate which types of files will not be seen in the Splog being able to add the ones that you usually use in your blog.

    • With alternative image: With this method we do not avoid the consumption of bandwidth (although we can also host the image on an external server) but it is much more "convincing" as the Splog readers will know that the aforementioned site is a content thief. The idea is that you generate an image like that we have and show it instead of the originals of your articles.

      Here, starting from the same principle of the previous case, we change the last line so that anyone trying to show your files (gif, jpg, jpeg, png – even javascript files, css or zip) appears our "personalized" image of punishment or notice to navigators.

      NOTES :

      1. The modifiers you see are for giving special instructions. Thus ' NC ' indicates that it is not case-sensitive, ' R ' which redirects the request to the URL that we indicate, ' F ' which is prohibit the loading of any extension that we indicate and ' L ' indicates that it is the last rule to comply if the conditions indicated above are met.
      2. It is important that the extension of the alternative image be, for example , JPE to prevent our own rules from blocking it. Of course you can choose another image format as long as we have not blocked it in our list of blocked extensions with the rule applied.

You can also easily generate this type of codes for .htaccess in this tool online .


Of course, you will not avoid it in the vast majority of cases but it is always convenient to add a license to use the contents of our blog so that we can defend our authorship in case of plagiarism or theft.

The most recommendable are these:

  • Creative Commons – CC is based on the inclusion of a icon that redirects to a text with unilateral manifestation of assignment of rights, coloriuris are contracts of assignment of rights, in such a way that the visitors of a website can accept the contract proposed by the author of the contents, being a copy of the contract for the two parties.
  • Coloriuris – It comes to offer a type of contract of assignment of rights for owners of blogs, web pages and audiovisual content. Using color codes you can choose the type of license chosen, including the code on your site offers a popup with the conditions of the same.

As main difference it seems that while Creative Commons are holders of the brand and any day could charge for the "service", Coloriuris gives a license to use the brand and guarantee that it will always be free. In addition, Coloriuris is better adapted to the Spanish legislation, although it supports others.

I hope that all these tips will help you, that you keep them in your favorites and spread them. Of course, if you disagree, you have something to discuss or you want to point to some system but it's your turn.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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