Plugin to use WordPress as a static CMS • WordPress Help

Curious plugin SimpleCMS for WordPress . What it does is a little trick that provokes, through CSS that is hidden from the blog administration panel all the most interactive sections of the blog allowing only to create static pages .

Of course, the most advisable thing is to use a theme that takes advantage of these characteristics, that does not show comments or interactivity of any kind. For this, the author of the plugin, has developed a theme that is fully adapted to the plugin and invites others to develop.

This type of development may be interesting for blogs created for writers not very skilled with as many options as WordPress offers and who want to simply show static articles, samples of knowledge or whatever they want to call it.

If you want, you can even register in the test blog and post whatever you want to check how it works. Both the username and password is "test" (without the quotes)