All the news of WordPress 2.9

Well, look at the list surely there is something that motivates you update to WordPress 2.9 :

  1. Undo / trash so if you delete an entry or a comment you can retrieve it ..
  2. Integrated image editor with which to crop, edit, rotate and scale images.
  3. Update in batch and compatibility check plugins, with what you can update several plugins at the same time and be able to see before updating if the plugins are compatible with your version of WordPress.
  4. Simple embedding of videos just by pasting the URL, thanks to Oembed. You can embed content from YouTube, Daily Motion,, Flickr, Hulu, Viddler, Qik, Revision3, Scribd, Google Video, Photobucket, PollDaddy, and (more soon).
  5. Support by default of ] rel = canonical to improve SEO.
  6. Automatic optimization of the database from the file wp-config.php only with add define ('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true) ; .
  7. Themes can have "input thumbnails" to have an image associated with the input.
  8. New table commentmeta .
  9. Custom input types, something that was scheduled for version 3.0.
  10. Folders for custom themes, very useful for those plugins that have built-in themes.
  11. TinyMCE WYSIWYG and Simplepie updated.
  12. Sidebars can now have descriptions for make it easier to identify them.
  13. Possibility of specify category templates not only by ID, as before, but by URL, which will make it easier for theme developers to customize with categories.
  14. Records and profiles are extensible, so you can collect more information (Twitter accounts, etc).
  15. The XML-RPC API has been improved to be able to change the user registration option.
  16. Creation of customized galleries, with new attributes with which to include or exclude attachments from any other entry, not only of the current one.
  17. When you are editing files with the plugins or themes editor it remembers the position and takes you to where you were when you saved.
  18. The bookmarlet Post this has been improved and is now much faster, so you can publish wherever you are browsing the web.
  19. Custom taxonomies are included in the WXR export file and are also imported correctly.
  20. Improve s filters and hooks for extracts, emoticons, HTTP requests, user profiles, author links, taxonomies, SSL support, tag clouds, query_posts and WP_Query

Well, click, update!

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Show RSS feed wherever you want

We already saw a mode of show an RSS feed on your WordPress site but now there is a new method – for WordPress 2.8 and higher – it does not use the Magpie or Snoopy class , but SimplePie and FeedCache, to retrieve an RSS feed.

You just have to copy this code and put it where you want to show the RSS feed chosen on line 3: