Insert Slideshare with oEmbed

oEmbed is a system, integrated in WordPress, through which you can view multimedia content just by adding the URL in the WordPress editor .

This system, however, does not allow show all kinds of existing content, but WordPress by default contemplates some but not all.

If you want to expand the possibilities of oEmbed in WordPress you can always install the plugin Embedly which adds gazillion services, more than which you will never use, but if you want to save a plugin, and what you really need is to use this system to insert slideshare presentations in the easiest way, you just have to add the following code to your function plugin or paste it into the file functions.php :

For those about to Rock

… we salute myself

This is my presentation of a while ago in WordCamp Spain de Barcelona as the music does not appear in the presentation I put it aside, that has its crumb (or not ). In the same I pretended – in addition to awakening the staff – show some unusual uses of WordPress, pulling things like bmPress PhotoSmash P2 or themes that convert your WordPress into other things, like some of Elegant Themes of which you already know that I am in love.

Note: this entry contains affiliate links for which the author can charge commissions for each sale.

Give the play before the presentation …

WordPress for bums

Well, they have already uploaded the video of today's WordPress presentation for bums that, for those who could not be live or follow it streaming from the website of Campus Party TV this it's a new possibility to see it.

The presentation I'm uploading it to Slideshare, when it's loaded and converted the public also for those who want to keep it.