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If you are, like me, total WordPress fan you'll probably already have a WordPress logo for your mobile or tablet so everyone can see that you're a real geek. [19659002] And if you have fallen short of logos, it has happened to you that there is a website with the official logos, also for mobile devices.

It is on the Logos and graphics page of WordPress where there are logos of all sizes, and some special for smartphones (640 × 960 pixels) and even for iPad (2048 × 1536 pixels).

You just have to visit the page with your device, open the size that best suits you to it and save it to use it and show your loyalty to WordPress.

Remove the width and height attributes of the WordPress file loader

You'll think it's bullshit but no, it's not any nonsense and I'll explain it to you … if you want to be at Clear Day. If you are from the old and do not want to progress, pass this entry.

As you already know, when you insert an image from the file loader in the WordPress editor, the HTML attributes width and [HTML] are added automatically. height that indicate the size in which the image will be shown in your active theme for that, so that it adapts to the width of the theme and is not horrible, but you already knew this? No.

Well, this is already an old thing …

With the new customizable designs (or as they are called in English " responsive "), that are adapted to the browser and even device from which a web is being visualized it does not make sense to define fixed attributes of width and height of images, because the theme will adapt, like all elements of the content, to the size of the reader device, be it a computer, a smartphone or an iPad, cool huh?

Do you already understand why it might be interesting to delete – by default – the attributes width and height that the charger of files inserted in the editor ?. Well, that if you use a theme with adaptive design you do not need something like this:

To eliminate by default the attributes that you will have left in an adaptable design you just have to add the following code to the file functions.php of your theme:

You save and that's it. The next time you insert an image in your editor already will not add the attributes width and height that your adaptive theme will already take care of it (or " responsive ", as you prefer to call it)

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

Loading …

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As you can see there are not many, but soon they will be legion. I hope this post has been useful to attract your attention to the importance of HTML5 and, by the way, to know some good plugins.

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