Telegram in WordPress – How to integrate your channels in your web

It is beyond doubt that Telegram is one of the leading mobile social applications at the moment and why not ? maybe it's a good idea to integrate your Telegram social channel in WordPress .

For that we have a few plugins that will help us in the task we'll see the most interesting ones.

] With this plugin it is extremely easy to integrate WordPress with Telegram being able to receive notices about your web, such as comments, user registration, updates, etc., on your Telegram channel, or even share your posts and products in Telegram.

A simple way, WordPress-style, of to share your entries in Telegram either in a channel, a private chat, a supergroup or wherever.

It is compatible with ] custom post types and WooCommerce products.

Do you want to integrate a Telegram chat into your WordPress site? This is your plugin.

After installing it set up your chat, styles, name, etc., add @chatbrobot to your channel and start using it to chat with your users.

The bots are Special Telegram accounts designed to manage messages automatically. These bots can be used to send messages to channels you assign them to.

With this plugin you can integrate a Telegram bot and a channel with your WordPress site and send messages to the channels of your choice

The integration is complete and supports all the features of WordPress as featured images, custom content types, HTML content, everything.

There are many more plugins, but this selection offers you the fundamental thing to integrate Telegram in WordPress in an easy way and, in this way, to take advantage of all your channels to generate traffic and interaction with and for your content, which in the end is what it is about.

If you know of any more that is interesting, you'll tell us, okay?

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Intensive WordPress course in Madrid • WordPress Help

As every two months I will give a practical and intensive course called " Domina WordPress ", addressed to communication professionals and new media, community managers and ] social media strategists .

The course, already in its 5 th edition consists of totally practical sessions, for which it is essential to go with a laptop, in which we will see step by step everything you need to know about WordPress to design, manage and enhance your brand content strategy .

There is little left, and places are limited because of the character eminently practical course are limited to a maximum of 12 students, for a full use of the contents thereof, so run and sign up which are very few.

Reasons not to use WordPress • WordPress Help

Although I always think by default how to approach any project with WordPress when I perform Web Consulting not always the final recommendation for a client is to use WordPress, since sometimes it is not the best choice .

There are several reasons why is not always recommended or the best option to use WordPress for a web development and these are some of them in which I would not recommend it to a client who trusts my criteria …

Apart from these specific and particular needs, WordPress almost always contributes so much in terms of positioning, content management and solidity that whenever possible my thinking is " How can I do this with WordPress? . "

Of course, it is possible that you have another opinion and reasons, which we would like to know and comment on.

Redirect a category to a new website • WordPress Help

If it has not happened to you, it will happen to you. There will come a day that, when your blog is hugely popular, you want to create a specific website for a specific category of your site.

Let's say, for example, that your blog is personal but, little by little , you are adding guides on the use of Social Networks, which you store in the category " tutos-socialmedia ", which you consider that you already have enough substance to have your own website, specialize, and even sell courses of social media . Come on, what are you going to create or something like that?

Well nothing, very easy you just have to add to your file .htaccess the from the previous blog, the following:

Of course, before you must have exported all the entries in the category " tutos-socialmedia " and have imported them in the new site in the category called " guides ", as in the example, or to your liking.

Import Facebook comments to WordPress

Today most conversation has gone to social media . Sites like Twitter or Facebook collect information from our blogs or websites, sent most of the time by ourselves through plugins, feeds or even internal applications of these social media leaders and, of course, in the end it turns out that people comments in the Facebook entry about our publication instead of the originating site of the content our blog.

For this we will use the plugin called Facebook comments importer whose function is exactly that . Using it is really simple …

Nothing else, with this you will get that the conversation is where it should never have left although you will have to admit that a large part of the fault is ourself in facilitating that our content is automatically published on social networks, but that's another discussion, do not you think?

Note: For the plugin to detect comments, the annotations must be as such, as notes, if you use any other system (as RSS Graffitti) to show the posts of your site on Facebook the plugin will not detect the links to your site and, consequently, the comments to them.

Publish on social networks • WordPress Help

For some time now he has been asking ways to publish entries created with WordPress on social networks and, I'm sorry, I have been leaving this postponed because I personally had the problem solved using several methods, not all internal WordPress.

So far I have tried several systems, mainly forced because there are many ways to share entries on Twitter but it was not the same in other social media services . But well, I will comply with your requests and show what I consider best methods of sharing entries on social networks.

Share on Twitter

Twitter is the beautiful girl as there are many plugins that facilitate us the possibility of sharing our entries in this social communication tool, we will see some of the best.

Simple Twitter Connect : Great plugin that allows a multitude of features to integrate Twitter into your created site with WordPress, including the publication of your entries in your Twitter account.

Twitter Tools : Perhaps the most well-known plugin of integration with Twitter but that is no more complete than Simple Twitter Connect. However, it also allows you to publish your site's entries on Twitter.

Twitter this : The simplest of all the plugins but which perfectly fulfills the utility of publishing your posts on Twitter . If you do not need more options than this is your plugin.

Share on social networks

For Twitter there is a lot, and the above are just a few examples (the best ones in my opinion), but to do the same in other social networks like Facebook LinkedIn or even MySpace things get complicated. Maybe that's why I propose a bit of everything …

RSS Graffitti : Precisely because of the difficulty of finding automated systems that work well, for a long time I used that Facebook application. It is not a plugin for WordPress but an internal Facebook application. Once activated, it allows you to register your sites and share in your profile or Facebook page everything you post, efficiently and, what is more important, maintaining your permanent links, not with redirects like other internal Facebook systems.

Simple Facebook Connect : Simple Connect's Twitter Connect plugin and, like the other one, it has several modules that can be activated at will with which to integrate your Facebook account with your WordPress. Of course, one of the modules allows you to post your entries on your Facebook page or profile automatically.

Sociable : This plugin is not for you but for your visitors, so they can Share your entries in your social profiles. It's not going to be all that you share your tickets, right? Supports a huge amount of social services.

Network Publisher : This is one of the most complete plugins for publishing WordPress content on social networks. It supports the possibility of publishing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yammer, Yahoo and The handicap is that you have to register in and register your networks to work, but once the process is done it is automatic.

Social discussions : Of the same authors than the previous one, this plugin integrates the self-publishing functionality in your social profiles in addition to another good amount of utilities, such as buttons for your readers to share your tickets and much more. The process of activating self-publishing is like with Network Publisher.

Well, I hope I helped you. There are many others but for a few months many of them have stopped working, mainly due to the identification requirements of Twitter and Facebook. These work and fulfill the usefulness that we hope for effectively.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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Rebellion against the "Like" of • WordPress Help

I had no idea, I just advise Galois in the comments that there is [19659004] many bloggers that are absolutely against of the feature " Like " from

And it is that with this functionality anyone can " re-publish " an entry of yours in his blog, and that has bothered many even though the idea was good.

For example, doing tests, it has been checked that if you republish an entry this maintains the links to the original article, but if someone returns to republish the same entry the links would go to site B, to the first one who copied the entry and not to the creator of the content. And of course, people do not like to start appearing sites that republish information from specific niches to – bypassing the advertising policy of – attract traffic from specific niches for less honorable issues (affiliate links, ads, things like that

Another example, which has not been taken into account by the people of Automattic, is that there are bloggers have rights to copy their content or that they only allow copying content to a specific extent. And of course, this functionality jumps everything to the bullfighter, cuts us all by the same pattern, anyone can copy your entire content of an entry (or all) with the ease of " I like ". [19659011] Curious controversy, do not you think? It brings to light, surely without wanting to, the whole matter of copying content, ownership and the fact of recognizing the author of the original contents . And the worst thing is that Automattic does not seem to have measured the scope of this measure, they have just thrown it thinking – go know – that it was something "cool", very cool and very Social Media I do not know if for Do not fall behind and do community.

Fortunately, if you do not like this feature, if you think it's a step backwards in the recognition of the original content, or at least should have been consulted before, as is done with the New features of, you can avoid leaving the "Like" button in the admin bar. Yes, you need to have acquired the CSS update because you have to add this line to the style sheet of your theme:

In case you have not updated you can add an image to your posts complaining about this new functionality, in addition to a text that allows you to know who copies you entries . You just have to add the following to the beginning of your entries (in HTML):

The image you choose your clear, perhaps with a text that says "Create your own tickets please"

What do you think about all this controversy?

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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