Large companies that use WordPress • WordPress Help

A few days ago I was asked by a client, gripped by doubts and urban legends about the suitability of using WordPress for large volume projects that he knew of large companies that use WordPress to have a guarantee that your site would not leave you lying.

As you can see there is everything from corporate news sites of large corporations, digital newspapers, some of the most trafficked blogs in the world, all

Now, if you or someone in your environment is going to manage a site with more traffic, visits, needs or functionalities, then WordPress is not for you (read the ironic tone)

Highlights in Between Blogs • WordPress Help

 post-de-la-semana This week, despite the Christmas shopping, exam preparation and other matters of daily life in Entre Blogs has not stopped the machinery and the Bloggers of the network have created fantastic posts that you should not miss. If you did not read them here you have a golden opportunity to recover them.