WordPresz.org – The False WordPress

This would not be important except out because this fake WordPress which claims to be the last stable version ( 2.6.4 ), of course non-existent since the last one available is 2.6 .3, and is actually a version hackable and vulnerable to attacks the version 2.5.1 which the same creator could use to insert code into your blog. [19659002] The fake version, apart from more obvious issues, has additional code in the file 'wp-includes / pluggable.php' that call a script ( wordpresz.org/tuk .php ) in that fake site (wordpresz.org) that does something with your cookies if you have more than 5 registered users in your blog. Actually, according to Sophos, it is a Trojan called Troj / WPHack-A .

So check these screenshots to see if in your WordPress you find some of the possible false WordPress signs and, when in doubt, download and install the latest version of the official site at http://wordpress.org/latest.zip .