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As it is a weekend I have spent some time reviewing the list of SPAM on the blog and my surprise has been capitalized as it turns out that in only 4 months of life has more junk messages stored than all my other blogs together in more than a year of each other .

The other day I read Enrique in a comment where it said that the installation of Akismet was directly proportional to the arrival of spammers but my experience told me no because I have always had installed the plugin, and in some blogs it reaches a lot and in others nothing. And in what is directly related to spam is in the popularity in the search engines of the blog especially of the keywords that you use and the interest of spam bots in those words key. At least that is what I have been observing personally.

But, well, this whole thing is not what I wanted to talk about but something even more playful. And we do a ranking of spam in our blogs, a SpamRank . And is that if you look at the blog of Akismet, there are statistics that show that the percentage of real comments on spam is infinitely less, and is to be scared. But no, here we are going to laugh about it because thanks to that we have this system (and others) they do not get it, and above we are going to boast about it.

And that is that the amount SPAM according to what I have been observing, is also symptom of popularity of a blog because nothing happens to see it, the important thing is that it does not occupy a place in our blogs, and we congratulate showing how many we have blocked

Here is our SpamRank …

So our SpamRank is, to date, ] 22,594 and, at the (wise) indication of Xtremo, a nice meme is started, which I throw in this way, to botepronto, to:

Xtremo (for speaking)

Arroyero (because you're worth it)

Th3 ProphetMan (so that you surpass us [)

Spamloco (because it comes to pe lo)

Enrique (for arguing with me [)

David (so you can visit us more)

What is your SpamRank?

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