WordPress.com chooses Sphere as search engine • WordPress Help

WordPress.com has just announced its agreement with the search engine and recommendations of Sphere to offer on sites with WordPress content related to readers .

From this very weekend, although still only in blogs in English, you will find links to related posts within the WordPress community. In this list, similar to the one that you can add to your blog hosted by plugins, your own related posts would be marked in bold to distinguish them.

With this change you point in the direction of understanding WordPress.com as a network social blog and Automattic boys hope to increase between 5 and 10% traffic between community blogs that have content similar to yours.

The problem is that this measure is already having ] his detractors because, although you can disable this functionality, in principle you can only do it " blog a blog " and imagine how you are going to prevent "related" links from appearing on your blog thousands of false blogs or spammers blogs that are on the free platform. Thankfully in " Design -> Extras " you can disable this full functionality, but it is also a pity not to have it for your own related posts.

Come on, a half improvement.