How to change the PHP version for your WordPress • WordPress Help

As you probably already know, to install WordPress, like almost any other CMS, your server needs a series of pre-installed software. [19659003] The list is simple:

  • Apache or Nginx server.
  • PHP.
  • MySQL or MariaDB.

What is never so obvious is that this software, like any other, also has versions and, like in any other software, the versions matter for many reasons.

Why should I update PHP?

I think no one is missing that is better to have the latest versions of all software, like WordPress, for optimization and security mainly but also for functionalities, but above all for performance and security.

And one of the most important softwares, in which the core of WordPress is programmed, is PHP, of which your hosting should ner installed the latest stable version .

If you need arguments to claim your hosting that has the latest versions of PHP here are a few …

That's what WordPress recommends

If you're up to date with the news about WordPress has long since changed the hosting requirements page to install WordPress, going from requirements (at the moment) to recommendations.

In particular, what is recommended is:

  • PHP version 7 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher, or MariaDB version 10.0 or higher

So that should be the basis you should consider before hiring a ] WordPress specialized hosting .

Your website will be faster

The change from the previous version (PHP 5.6.x) to PHP 7.0 was brutal, and involves significant improvements in speed, performance and optimization .

It suppose that you will consume less resources of hosting in particular RAM, but above all that your web applications, WordPress in our case, will work much faster, to work on much more optimized code

As a quick glance here you have a graph of the impressive performance improvement of PHP 7.0 versus version 5.6.16 in different CMS, WordPress included .

The improvement is over double in all systems.

And in the following graph, you have the comparison also against HHVM the special "PHP" used by Facebook , for example. Compared with HHVM, the improvement is lower than in previous versions of PHP, but already breaks the karma that HHVM is faster than PHP .

Your website will be more secure

In each software version unsafe and obsolete codes are deleted .

Specifically, in PHP 7 ASP tags were removed as well as label compatibility