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Yesterday we commented on the difference between Vreel and the rest of video hosting services . Well today we tell you a little history of the Stage6 and Vreel .  stage6

When I do the closing Stage6 the blogosphere of all the The world has got its hands on its head . This service was the only one known so far to support this codec and also videos in HD . Many people use Stage6 to upload movies, series, programs, etc., I admit it, I did too.

Commenting a little bit more about the copyright issue, at this moment I came to the head blogs and websites dedicated entirely to offering movies without cuts and a fabulous quality.

The service grew a lot, but distributing videos in this format costs much more money than in Flash ] The quality will be much better, but the size is also better and this means more transfer and more disk space.

A few months ago, the blogs jumped again but this time with joy. In April a new service called Vreel was born but due to "problems" it was postponed to the beginning of May. This was when thanks to I would go with his Daily Dose and Genbeta I learned about this new service. Since that day I have practically visited the forum every day and I have seen how the opening date was postponed again and again and again.

I lived the change of forum, they went from PHPBB to vBulletin .

I saw people insulting the creators of Vreel . With things like that is a non-existent service, they just want to give popularity to the domain and put it in parking . I questioned it several times, every day that passed gave me more the impression that it was all a scam. But … since I am like that, my confidence has always had it.

 servants Then came the problems, they had problems with their technical and design team. Also its servers were affected by the explosion of The Planet etc. In short, everything gave me to think that the created was going to leave the project. From here I have a curious anecdote, when they exploited the servers of The Planet I did not find out, I entered the site and saw that it did not load. The first thing I thought was that the project had been abandoned. But then, searching, I found a forum that I had visited several times on Stage6 that commented very closely Vreel and I already found out about the problem.

For a few days, finally a non-public beta is available in which only a small group of people participate and WordPress Help is among them.

And this is where today's post ends, remember that tomorrow we will come back with a Vreel .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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