Buttons to share on WordPress.com

A while ago I discovered a new option in the settings of my blogs on WordPress.com : Share . This new screen on your desktop allows – finally – to offer a simple system for your readers to share your tickets in the most common social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit), in addition to printing, send by email or re-publish your entries with the controversial system we talked about at the time .

The system used is the Sharedaddy plugin and you just have to drag and drop the icons that you want to offer and, under an icon of " Share " will appear in your entries or where you define, simple and effective.

This new feature, so long expected, will be a tremendous boost for blogs hosted on WordPress.com because it greatly facilitates the task of promoting content, something that Automattic is working on a lot lately, and we congratulate ourselves for that.