Add subtitles to WordPress

For several days now Chris Coyier raised a series of plugins that, although he did not feel like creating, he would like them to exist. One of them, one of your wishes, is something I've been missing for a long time of being able to do with WordPress.

But, there is a vital concept in journalism, and that is that the headline is better if it is accompanied by a subtitle, let alone an entradilla. And precisely this is not provided by WordPress, of course, until the appearance of SubHeading .

This plugin adds a new field to the WordPress editor, just for the subtitle, which you can also use as entradilla of your article. Now, then you have to enable your template to show it correctly. To do this you must add the following code to your theme:
<? Php if (function_exists ('the_subheading')) {the_subheading ('

', '

'); }?>
You can put it in single.php also but where it should not be missing is in the file index.php . Then, of course, you can create a CSS style suitable for your template to offer the best of journalistic style.