Take advantage of Menus in TwentyTen: Give them color

One of the novelties of WordPress 3.0 is – we are on the side, said Jack the Ripper – the change of Theme by defect to TwentyTen and the inclusion in the core of a comfortable menu.

But, how can we take advantage of this menu, and especially to TwentyTen?

Since still in the Codex we do not see how to handle these menus well, we could see it by observing well the designs that are implementing them. The problem is that so far only has done Sufussion with an intricate programming that is not friendly to those of us who have gotten to learn WordPress just to be able to customize to deepen our space on the Internet.

What do we do for now? The option that remains is to get the juice out of the implementation of the menu that has been done in TwentyTen. And what better way to go to the 2010 stylesheet, go to the end of the menu section and paste the following: