WordPress 3.5.2 • WordPress Help

Version WordPress 3.5.2 second maintenance update of 3.5 that solves 12 errors . Being a security version it is important that update all your sites as soon as possible.

In addition to 7 vulnerabilities discovered by the security development team there are also other improvements that will shield your WordPress , you are:

You see, they are not light errors but really serious so do not even think about it, update now! .

Note: not yet available update in Spanish (it is taking a while to be issued so you can release it) but you can update to the English version without problems because there are no translation changes. The only downside is that tomorrow you will see again the notice to update to the Spanish version.

Now available in Spanish.

WordPress 3.3.2, security update

The update of WordPress 3.3.2 has just come to light which, being a security update, it is absolutely recommendable to install.

It takes a while for the update to be available in Spanish on your desktop, if that's the case you already have it in WordPress Spain .