Today's chosen plugins: RSS, Links and Tabs & Slides

Of the list of plugins that usually publish in WLTC I have chosen three that seem memorable to me. I do not usually go looking for plugins like crazy but these have attracted my attention powerfully for the improvement that each and every one of them suppose.

  • WordPress Tabs and Slides It allows you to add tabs and / or slides in the content. The tabs emulate a multipage structure but within a single page
  • RSSCake It is an evolution of QuickRSS, a plugin that shows RSS in a post or page. You can insert one or more RSS feeds in your posts.
  • SuperLinks Replace the widget that comes in WordPress 2.5 with a more customizable one with which you can add as many link widgets as you want and configure them to your liking. You can, for example, establish what category of links will be displayed on each widget.

Enjoy them!

What you read is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: Today's chosen plugins: RSS, Links and Tabs & Slides

Creating Tabs with jQuery • WordPress Help

Some time ago we explained how create content areas in Tabs (tabs) in our WordPress blog, on that occasion using DomTabs . But several users asked for a guide to do the same but using another library: jQuery .

Well, you know that here we always keep the given word, so here is a guide to include content in Tabs using jQuery and a bit of CSS .

Let's go to it.

That's it, you got it. With this and little else you do not need to pay for a Premium template.