Position Tags with a bit of code • WordPress Help

It never ceases to amaze me the WordPress Help forum and is that the other day, attending a query came up at the same time a fantastic idea and its corresponding solution .

baureonzio posed us how to get the pages of the tags of his blog had a special description that, incidentally, would help position the tags of it in the search engines. [19659003] With what you get when you visit a Tags page in your blog for example this one, the description, the tagline of it is "News from " which, of course, you can customize according to your positioning goals of tags in your blog.

The code you include in the file header.php of your template, before from the label you save and you already have it.

You can follow the debate and n this thread of the forum or just pass to thank you for the inspiration to Perro Callejero .