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How long have I not talked about TalkPress ? Do you remember what it was, that pretended commercial evolution of the bbPress forums ?, it seems that the bbPress VIP forums project was left in the inkwell.

And that is if we give credit to a recent tweet by John James Jacoby leading developer of bbPress and BuddyPress would soon be able to enjoy bbPress forums on it is not known if in the basic package or for VIP clients.

If so, what started almost half in cognac with an installation of phpBB in (which now redirects to ) would soon offer all the advantages of conversation and loyalty of forums also on . Hopefully so, like the possibility of having BuddyPress had not you thought ?, the same one of these days also integrate it as a module of JetPack .

TalkPress VIP already underway

I already commented a while ago about TalkPress, and that they were doing tests in closed for but now they are already live available for people to do consultations with experts, all with Automattic technology, specifically with TalkPress the pretended evolution of bbPress towards a higher stage.

And okay, TalkPress is not bbPress but? who assures us where the evolution of the social tools of Automattic will go?

TalkPress is the evolution of bbPress? • WordPress Help

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<p> For more than a year now <a href= Matt Mullenweg announced TalkPress as the evolution of the forums systems, since the – as a server – is a lover of this type of community.

But since then nothing else has been said and, above all, it has been explained about whether TalkPress is the evolution of bbPress ] or other different software Well, some mystery is already unraveling

TalkPress is the evolution of bbPress and it is not it will actually be a hosted version, like WordPress .com, software Open Source known as bbPress, which will be the engine of this system. There are several reasons for this decision, some rather curious …

  • The domain was already acquired by another company
  • bbPress is not a really lucky name, in fact it is feucho
  • It was necessary to distinguish both systems, the hosted and installable, just like between and, only that in this case the .com was not available

However, TalkPress may also be installed on systems WordPress Mu, or at least the bbPress engine that will move it. For this, bbPress is changing by leaps and bounds and soon a definitive Alpha version will be available and move to the ßeta version in less than two months. In fact the system has been changed to be compatible with plugins of previous versions, as well as its integration with WordPress 2.7, 2.8, Mu and, consequently, with BuddyPress .

] In short, it seems that bbPress is moving forward with good expectations, and we will be vigilant to see how this system of forums advances towards TalkPress or what its development gives us .

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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