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According to the latest Technorati report, WordPress is the most used content management system well above the rest of CMS. If in 2012 48% of the Top 100 blogs worked with WordPress, in 2013, are already 52% of the most popular blogs using WordPress .

In the report you can see the evolution, as well as how the sharing of the cake of using the Top 100 blogs, this:

So you already know, if the blogs of the Top 100 worldwide use WordPress ] What are you waiting for?

WordPress dominates the top 100 of blogs and keeps growing

According to the recent study by Pingdom which you can consult in its entirety here WordPress completely dominates the list of the Top 100 of blogs worldwide

In the comparative tables, in which the evolution is seen from 2009 to 2012, it can be verified that the growth of WordPess as the publishing platform chosen by the most visited and relevant blogs on the world scene

Some data of this evolution, which shows how WordPress completely dominates the Top 100 are the following:

And here the complete table of the Top 100 blogs and the publication platform that each one uses, in the order they occupy in the Technorati ranking:

So you know, you're not the only one who has chosen the winning publishing platform most of the most powerful sites that exist have also chosen WordPress . [19659002] Do we already break that " sanbenito " that WordPress is not for sites with a lot of traffic?

WordPress dominates in the Top 100 • WordPress Help

In a recent research conducted by Royal Pingdom you can see how WordPress is the platform chosen by 32 of the 100 blogs of Top 100 of Technorati both in the version hosted on WordPress.com as in own server. Of those 32 blogs 27 of them are on their own server.

Behind is the blog platform of Six Apart, Typepad with no less than 16 blogs located in the Top 100.

Ante this number Matt is really optimistic pointing out that if done in January 2010, WordPress will occupy between 40 and 50% of the Top 100. And what do you think, do you see it as clear as Matt?

WordPress Help – 1 Year of Life • WordPress Help

Today marks 1 year of life WordPress Help since that December 26, 2007 in which Guillermo and a server started this task of forging a speaking WordPress community Hispanic . The goal and permanent motivation is to offer at least one trick, guide, plugin or daily theme, and also the relevant information of each day on WordPress and its entire ecosystem. I think we have achieved it and we have not fainted for a day. And, on this first anniversary, there are some things to share that are already part of the WordPress Help story :

There have been many more interesting days, but what touches are the thanks: [19659002] And I have many left, I hope you forgive me for my bad head. To all you guys Thanks!

You make this Blog … Better it!

In these months of blog life we ​​have offered a lot of daily information, translated tutorials, plugins and themes, lots of WordPress tricks ] and daily information about all the news of this CMS. In this time we have received a great response from readers, which is shown in a few data …

And above all very good environment, readers who participate, who provide information in the comments, which link us from their own blogs and even help maintain WordPress Help by hiring links or banners .

But since nothing is perfect, I think it's a good time for to ask you if you think we're doing well if we're right on the content and how to treat them, even if the balance of the different contents is adequate or, on the contrary, we are totally wrong and think that we should address the issues in a different way, generate some other type of content, prioritize more about others, if you like the design, whatever .

Therefore, using a survey and – most of all – your comments we would like know co How to improve WordPress Help how to contribute more than what you like, or even if something is left over. Any opinion will be welcome.

It's your turn! and especially Thank you so much for being there, for valuing our work!

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Where are the BlogStars hosted? • WordPress Help

In Who is hosting this? (Who is hosting this?) Have conducted an investigation to find out where the most famous blogs on the web are hosted. Starting from the list of Top 100 Technorati Blogs, they have analyzed where the 100 biggest blogs are hosted and the result is the following …

How will you see the winner – by far – is Mediatemple and, to what? do not know where is the server of WordPress Help ?. We are not in the Top 100, only in the position 863 (the Top Thousand) but we also deserved a good accommodation, specifically (in case you do not know) the DV all the advantages of a dedicated to the price of a VPS .

Striking that Blogspot and Six Apart (with Typepad ) are in such a good position, and that WordPress.com does not appear on the list, despite its VIP program which seems to have not had the success expected.

Technorati launches Ad Network for Blogs • WordPress Help

Technorati has been testing a new network of CPM ads Technorati Media It shows ads from big companies like Honda Sandisk Microsoft and Universal Pictures .

Right now they are working with the Most important blogs on the network but plan to open the network to anyone (yes, I said to anyone, even your blog and mine) in a few months.

If you make this move with intelligence can give a breath of fresh air to the current monopoly of Google Adsense in CPM ads and be able to have more options for our WordPress blogs than now, and until Microsoft not you decide to completely open your ad platform CPM we are practically tied to the conditions of Adsense if we want to earn some money for the page impressions in our blogs.

And it is not that there are no alternatives, that there are and enough but we must recognize that in CPM there is little like Adsense especially in content ads . We use a lot CPX but they are campaigns, normally not associated with the content of the blog and, consequently, less attractive for the reader because in many cases they do not add value to what you expect to find here. [19659006] At the moment we have to wait excited to see where this initiative of Technorati breathes. If you want you can already sign up on this page . Let's hope they open soon, that they facilitate the task with a good administration interface and that they even make a plugin for manage ads in WordPress – by asking that it not be left.


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Do I upgrade to WordPress 2.5 or not?

These days of first contacts with the new version of WordPress (2.5) we are reading about plugin errors, templates that do not take advantage of the news, even hosting servers that pose memory problems and do not let visualize well the visual editor after updating to the new version.

And yes, I understand that they are problems that for those who suffer are annoying and although they have a solution, like some of those offered in the support forums, they worry the user who does not know whether to update or not.

Well, the answer to the question I pose is Yes, you have to update to WordPress 2.5! and the reason is simple: The security of your blog is important .

Unless you still use version, all versions 2.2 and 2.3 you have security holes q You can compromise your blog because hackers can inject spam links and Technorati will stop indexing your blog . It is not even worth wait for WordPress 2.6 .

Because, everything has to be said, despite how eye-catching the problems with WordPress 2.5 may sound, they are actually a minority users who suffer them, and all have a way to fix themselves. If a plugin you use is not up to date, or your server limits the memory of your blog, updates the plugin when it is available for WordPress 2.5, changes server or applies a patch . Almost everything that can happen to you with this update, attributable to it, are visual aspects, I have not yet seen nor a single serious error comparable to the security vulnerability of previous versions .

if you value the security of your blog update WordPress to version 2.5 right now we have explained ways to do it in less than 10 minutes . Do not think twice.

Inspiration | Geek Ramblings

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Inbound Links WordPress 2.5 – Updated • WordPress Help

We have modified the file so that you have all the novelties of version 2.5 but adding the possibility to see the links of Google Blog Search and Technorati in the same widget get to see this … [19659002] The file is included in the full distribution of WordPress 2.5 Spanish or as a single download at the following link:
[download id=”12″]

Moreover, LordMax points out how to customize the file so that does not show the 10 links by default and put it to your liking . All you have to do is modify the lines where the number of links are shown, both for Blog Search and for Technorati, which you will see as follows:

And you can change it so that it only shows, for example, 5 links leaving it like this:

The Writing Zone • WordPress Help

Today we have a new Blog analysis made by WordPress Help . These reviews are made from the point of view of the examiner, his criteria and tastes, and his primary intention is to help improve the blogs analyzed.

I continue with the requests made in the FB when finished with these we start with those requested in the comments of the blog.

This time we address The Writing Zone .

If you like the analysis you can comment on your blog, or right here, and if you do not like it too, of course.

  • Blog name: The Writing Zone
  • Tagline: Information from another point of view
  • URL: http: //thewritingzone.net
  • Temática : Opinion and Actuality
  • Keywords: news, politics, society, news, writing
  • Pagerank: 2
  • Alexa Rank : 214.008
  • Technorati Autority: 66
  • Errors W3C html: 155
  • W3C Errors css: 0
  • Theme: Vertigo
  • Screenshot:



It is difficult for me to speak objectively about The Writing Zone because, apart from a good friend, David Táboas is a great blogger who applies all his knowledge and will to the blog.

About the template is really fantastic. If the original theme is already good, they have taken it to another level, reaching a degree of personalization that we would say PERFECT . There are no mistakes, everything is in place and well organized. Particularly striking is the personalization of the individual pages and especially the attractiveness of the sidebar.

But the best thing about The Writing Zone is the content . They talk about current events, politics and Internet-related issues, with sections to be highlighted, such as La Pifia de la Semana where they show the worst of current events around us. Another extremely interesting section is the one of tutorials, in which I would highlight the recent work of Decalogue of the Good Article of the best that I have seen in the network and downloadable in PDF.

As for the writing Both David and Jesus demonstrate a good command of writing. If anything is missing a more colloquial and direct to the reader, that provokes their opinion, since the posts are often too closed, leaving little room for opinion. They lack in my opinion that direct deal that Diego also explains .

To improve the popularization of the blog, also is missing a greater profusion of links to related posts from other blogs of his niche that, although difficult to position because of the restricted topic, could help improve the dissemination of its great content.

Otherwise, nothing more to say. The Writing Zone is a blog with an outstanding aspect, very interesting and well written content good use of advertising and adequate navigation resources. It only remains to generate attention because it has nothing to envy to great blogs and more known.


  • Theme: 7/10
  • Personalization: 9/10
  • Use of plugins: 8 / 10
  • Content: 9/10
  • Editorial: 9/10
  • Readability: 8/10
  • Navigation: 9/10
  • Advertising: 7/10

Visit The Writing Zone

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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