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The other day I was invited to the offices of Microsoft Spain to participate in a videoconference with the developers of a new product , WorldWide Telescope and I had the pleasure of speaking with Juanan product manager of Windows Live and Manuel, Microsoft SEO

In addition to other issues, of course, I entered the rag of the presence of Microsoft in blogs mainly to complain as in my habit.

And look, this time I had that shut up the mouth (or rather they closed it to me) because it turns out that, although quite unknown to the common of the mortal bloggers, Microsoft has a search integration service in blogs that has little to envy to the service of Google Custom Search [1 9459004].

The system is half hidden in the development pages of Live, at dev.live.com under the heading of Search . The animal in question is called Ajax Control or Live Search Box and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Through an online assistant you will be guided in the creation of a personalized search box to integrate into your blog, and fortunately the assistant is in Spanish.

Its main peculiarity is that it does not show you the search results in a new one page or on the web of Live Search but in a Ajax control (hence the name) in the form of popup popup . Very cool!

Let's see how it is done …

  1. The first thing to choose is whether the painting will be basic or advanced . If you only want to search in a blog use the basic but if the search box should search in more sites choose the advanced.
  2. In the next window you put a name and add the URLs of the sites where you should look. Here you will see the option to create a Macro which, for the purposes of this mini-tutorial is perhaps too much – we will see it another day.
  3. Already in this step you can see how your search box will look once it is finished, so you can see if you are getting what you want. For this you have a button at the bottom of the page (a success)

  4. Next we will be able to customize the appearance of both the search box and the pop-up window. We can choose between 4 color combinations and customize the sizes of both the search box and the Ajax window.
  5. Well, in this fourth and final step he already offers us the code to integrate in your blog and I have to say that it works perfectly. I put it to test the other day and I was really surprised at how well it performs what it promises, how fast it is and the amount of relevant results it offers, a great alternative to Google's personalized search engine. The code inserted in the blog (preferably in the sidebar) works perfectly and without errors; checked

In the end, as in the whole process, we can see how our personalized Live Search search has been. Here you can see how this example that I made …

Well, but here it does not end, because I want to make a small list of its greatest virtues, and also peccadillos. Let's go to it:


  • I especially liked the simple and visual assistant. One more point in his favor for being fully translated into Spanish.
  • One hit the "Try Search Box" button in each step, to see how it is going.
  • Mark differences the fact that you do not have to register in Windows Live to create your own custom search box.
  • The integrated search engine is very fast.
  • The Ajax popup with searches is great, very clear and effective.


  • It has not I liked that by default the box of is inserted, inserting the search on the Web which I believe should be the subject of the user's decision. It is not that it is not practical, but if it is incongruous with the fact of integrating a specialized search engine of your blog and for your blog content – it is like an open door to the network, and I think it is not appropriate in this type of personalized search engines (Live Search guys have promised to look at it.)
  • The color options in the search box are sparse and can not be customized. The same for the results.
  • Clicking on a search result opens the "your blog" post in a new window. This does not make sense as long as we talk about integrated searches.
  • You do not have, Microsoft as a whole, an income generating platform with ads that you can integrate into a WordPress blog. In this the possibilities of Google are superior.
  • There are no instructions on how to create a personalized page of search results in your blog, the only option is the emerging Ajax control. It is not essential but it would be an interesting option.

Well, those are my impressions. The truth is that the system works wonders, and it is somewhat sad that such a good product of Microsoft does not have even more presence and is enhanced with improvements.

NOTICE : this Publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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