Free draw result of Template Monster


The result of the draw of 3 premium themes of Template Monster among the 32 comments requesting it, realized in is the following:

  1. Juan Jose Ordoñez
  2. Leonard Molina
  3. Airo Studies
  4. Thomas Ramirez
  5. ospunk
  6. Lionel N. Rodriguez
  7. Killoquin
  8. Inmaculada Maldonado
  9. Josep Maria Tapia
  10. frankmaniaz
  11. Ricardo
  12. Hilber Pinedo Mendez
  13. Raúl González
  14. Alessandro Degiusti
  15. Carlos Belda
  16. @arellano_es
  17. Rafael P.
  18. Dani Visedo
  19. Jordi Esquerigüela
  20. jesus
  21. Avoid the Crisis
  22. F. Javier Carazo Gil
  23. David
  24. Jose Manuel
  25. Juanma Espinosa
  26. Guillermo Jiménez Soto
  27. zzainss
  28. Ángel Martínez
  29. Manuel R.
  30. Alejandra Solar
  31. Carlos J Romero [19659007] Javier

With which the 3 winners are …

I'll to send your email to Template Monster for you to send the topics chosen by you.

And for others, thank you very much for participating, which again surely touches 🙂

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