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On the site you have the instructions to access and test the basic functionalities with the access profile that I have created, which will allow you …

This new site will now cover all the new WordPress development features of the branch 2.x which means that I will no longer create sites for WordPress 2.9 but this same WordPress Beta Testing will always be updated to the latest development version of the current branch (2.x), with what this entails of novelty, but also of possible errors.

When the development version of WordPress 3.x is available, I will prepare another similar version to start looking at the future from WordPress.

Be a WordPress BetaTester in a simple way? • WordPress Help

If you want to participate in the development of WordPress, and improve the future versions of this CMS with your bug warnings, or even suggestions for improvement, you should know that you can do it, and it's not difficult. [19659002] As you can see, you can help in the WordPress development in many ways, you only need to launch yourself if you feel capable of supporting the future of this CMS.

If you are animated but do not have your own space where try WordPress you can do it on the site of Beta Testing WordPress that I created, which will always be updated to the " bleeding edge " version.