Learn WordPress while having breakfast: How to install a free SSL from Let's Encrypt

On this occasion, in the video of the series " Learn WordPress while having breakfast " that I am doing with SiteGround I explain in just over 2 minutes how to install a free SSL certificate of Let's Encrypt and some interesting tricks .

I hope you like it …

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Learn WordPress while having breakfast: How to change the subject

Although it may seem something basic and simple, change the subject in WordPress has its details, peculiarities, and advice. In this new video from the series Learn while having breakfast sponsored by SiteGround I explain to you how it is done … well.

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Learn WordPress while having breakfast! #AprendeWP_SG

It is always a pleasure to create a new product, something that can be consumed, and in my line, if possible free, as is the case.

And today I am proud to present you a new mini video tutorial section that I am recording with the collaboration of SiteGround in a series that we have called " Learn WordPress while having breakfast ".

These videos will be available every week and they are small pieces in 3 or 4 minutes maximum in which I will show tricks of all levels so you can learn WordPress in a fast, simple way, and visual .

In the first video of the series I explain to you in less than 3 minutes how to disable the WordPress code editor a measure of security basic that you should implant in all your places.

Finally predefined "real" designs in Divi!

One of the requests most requested by the users of Divi has always been to have a library of predefined designs that really show a structure of web from which to start from which to get an idea of ​​how to create a professional page, and finally they are available!

This functionality has always been one of the advantages of star themes Themeforest as Bridge Total and others, because for the user without knowledge of design and programming it helps to take a reference from which to create professional-looking conversion pages .

The idea is not to use the predefined design as it is, without changing anything, but as help and reference on how to make certain sections, how to achieve fantastic effects that will generate as and conversion on the web .

And the truth, the predefined designs that had until now Divi left much to be desired and here the sample …

As you can see it did not help much to say to take ideas, to have a decent design basis from which to start to create your own pages, or simply learn from the predefined designs.

] But fortunately this has changed, and a lot.

The new predefined designs of Divi

Of course, the predefined designs work like real demos, with images, creative designs, offering fantastic ideas from which to create your own professional websites learning from these designs created by designers.

In addition, the predefined design loader has a search engine, is organized by categories and is very easy to preview and ap licar to your pages.

Once you decide the design to be applied is loaded, with all the necessary modules and images and your page will be ready to start customizing it to your liking , with your texts, your images, and your own design concepts, but with an interesting base that will give you ideas.

Here's how it works, hit the play and hallucinate

New designs every week

Indeed, this is not the end of it, because the Elegant Themes team has announced that will automatically upload new designs every week .

In this way, without you having to update your copy of Divi you can have new predefined designs every week with which to get ideas, learn and create amazing web pages.

If this already had others, why is it so cool in Divi? [19659010] Well, because in ThemeForest multipurpose themes the demos are applied to capon on the whole web, they are not templates for a specific page where you need inspiration.

The result is that you create a lot of pages, menus, widgets, images, entries, everything, that you then have to erase. Here you only apply a design to a page, so that it serves as design guidance, the rest of your website remains unchanged.

Now available to all

If you already have your Divi license at simply update to the latest version available on your desktop .

But if you still do not have Divi, the theme you're getting that WordPress compete as equals with proprietary CMS like Wix or Weebly here you have a couple of links for you to acquire your full license saving you some good money .

Loading …

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