Small details that make your web project great (free webinar) • WordPress Help

Again, to start the summer with strength, you have a free webinar from the hand of SiteGround in which this time we will go to see small great details that help in any web project

For an hour we will see what details matter when developing webs for us or our clients and you will have the opportunity to ask what you need, as always live, and free. [19659003] If you have a ratillo, on July 5, 2018, from 18:00 (Spanish peninsular time) we wait for you, you just have to sign up on this link .

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RGPD – Breaking scripts and raising doubts (free webinar)

If you still have doubts about the RGPD you have one more chance to learn all that we will have to comply with the new European regulation of personal data protection, this time in a free webinar organized by SiteGround .

This time I will be with Ramón Rey lawyer specialized in new technologies who will explain the legal scope of the RGPD, while clarifying doubts about the new regulation and we answer your questions about it, whether legal or technical .

Do not miss this webinar! You are on time to arrive with honors to ] comply with the RGPD a little with our help.

The webinar will be next Monday, May 21, starting at 18:00 (peninsular Spanish time). Sign up by clicking on the following image …

How to recover 70% of sales in your e-commerce (video) • WordPress Help

The October 10, at 19:00 you had the opportunity to attend the free webinar that, from the hand of Yith imparted, explaining tricks to recover sales from your WooCommerce store.

Did you know that you lose 70% of your possible sales for not having optimized your online sales channel?

For 1 hour we saw what we can do to recover abandoned carts, how to retain your customers and answer your questions.

In this webinar I explained live how configure your online store WooCommerce to recover carts and orders abandoned and turn them into effective sales and happy buyers .

If you want to share with me this time and learn how to improve the results of your online store join by clicking on the next button, it's free!


Cache strategies in WordPress (free webinar)

Tomorrow On September 20, 2017, at from at 6:00 PM, ] will have a new new free SiteGround webinar . This time the subject we will deal with will be will be were the caching strategies to be applied to any WordPress project.

In this webinar we will review we review definitions, keys, techniques, strategies and recommendations related to the implementation and use of caching systems for your web project, and in particular, for your WordPress project.

The cache is one of the most important strategy within WPO that is, improving the performance of our project and optimizing it for better resource management .

] We will tell we have from the basics of start-up, so that you lose your fear, until the most advanced or complex strategies for large projects.

Fernando Pue nte CTO of Chapman's Strategy where manages millions of visits per month, worldwide and in five languages ​​with sites such as SPORTYOU or BASKET4US, who will initially expose tips and tricks to improve the speed and optimization of our web using caching systems .

Later we will open open debate, in which you will be able to make us, Fernando Puente and myself , the questions or doubts that you arise arose for your own WordPress.

Do not delay in signing up you can do it right now in this link , it's totally free.

Here you have the video of the webinar …

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When your hosting knows WordPress things happen … (free webinar) • WordPress Help

No, you will not go on vacation without learning something else . So leave a moment to pack and take swimsuits and an umbrella for to attend for 1 hour the next webinar that I will do with SiteGround .

Ah! That you are not on vacation or going away? because then better still, take advantage and keep preparing yourself to expand knowledge and learn.


Next July 19, 2017 from 18 : 00 (peninsular Spain time). We have 1 hour of webinar . In the first part I'll tell you some things, and then you can ask me whatever you want .


Totally online, from your house, the pool, the beach or a cafeteria from wherever you want.

You just have to sign up on this link from now on and connect on D-day to H-time.


We'll talk about something very special, a topic that is little discussed but not less important.

I mean those tools that, if we have chosen well, our hosting can provide us to improve the management and optimization of our website created with WordPress .

Because if you have been smart and you have your webs in a specialized WordPress hosting such as SiteGround you will find specific tools, yes, for WordPress, that will make your life easier and help you to have a web, an ecommerce, a what uieras, safer, faster, better .

Because not all WordPress is inside WordPress . You will discover that in the cPanel of your hosting there are specific tools for WordPress really interesting and powerful that will surprise you, sure.

Are you still reading?

Come, that is free, register now, click on the following image .

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10 key tips to shoot your sales with WooCommerce (free webinar) • WordPress Help

Tomorrow June 21, 2017, from 18:00 (time of mainland Spain) you can attend the webinar on WooCommerce for free.

On this occasion share a webinar with Antonio Cantero author from the fantastic blog Woodemia specialized in WooCommerce.

The first minutes Antonio will tell us his 10 key tips to shoot sales in your online store and the rest of the webinar we will answer both of your questions .

SEO at your discretion (free webinar)

If you missed any of the above SEO webinars now is your chance that there will not be any unanswered questions.

No previous script or anything prepared Fernando Muñoz SEO consultant, and myself we will be at your disposal to answer any question or question you have about SEO and WordPress.

When? Well on Wednesday, February 15 from 18:00 (peninsular Spanish time)

Where? In Crowdcast, you just have to sign up here and prepare your barrage of questions.

See your doubts and if you want you can leave them written in the space of the webinar, in the section Questions & Topics (not in the chat) and that you have advanced .

The entry SEO at its discretion (free webinar) was first published in WordPress Help .

Things you did not know about your hosting panel and you should know

If you use a shared hosting or a managed VPS it is more than likely that you are using cPanel to manage your hosting but do you know how to use it?

The reality is that normally we only use the hosting panel for one of these tasks: [19659002] And sometimes not even that, especially since hosting companies have made it so easy for us that we no longer need to enter the panel to install WordPress and we use GMail for everything.

And if you prefer, you can also I leave here the presentation, to focus more on the details and not miss any of the explanations …

How to get the most out of your hosting

Tomorrow, September 19, from 18:00 (Spanish time) we have another Free Webinar from the hand of SiteGround . On this occasion we will reveal secrets of the hosting panels something that is almost never treated.

And when we hire a hosting plan no matter how simple the companies think accommodation that are its user panels, the reality is that we are faced with a lot of tools that many times, or do not know how to use, or do not know how to take advantage of them 100% .

This time I will try show a series of fundamental tricks and utilities of cPanel the most used standard, and we will learn to change the PHP version, protect our website and many other things, do not miss it!

If you have questions or want to ask questions you can do it in the same tool (, on Twitter citing @SiteGround_ES with the hashtag #SGwebinarHosting or, previously, sending them a webinar@siteground.e s .